7 Inexpensive Ways to Spice up Your Home

Adding value to your home might seem like a great hit on your bank balance, but fortunately, there are several less and more inexpensive ways you can workarounds to make it happen.

Whether you’re up to upgrading your furniture or adding a few showpieces around the house, these little touchups can make a huge difference to the look of your house. However, you must look for ways to avoid spending money on unnecessary upgrades.

If you can consider DIYing some of your home projects, you will be giving yourself a great alternative to saving money. Plus, being an avid DIYer can give you a lot of control over how much of your creativity can pour into your home improvement ideas. Now all you need is a list of the upgrades you can work on your own and you are well and truly on your way to saving money on the home upgrades.

If you are looking for ways to save your bank account and also desire to give your home an attractive appeal, then continue reading ahead. Here we have enlisted a number of inexpensive ideas that can help you in your mission to upgrade the overall look of your living space on a budget.

Add Colour to Refresh the Ambiance

Painting is one of the easiest and the most efficient DIY methods you can utilize to add value to your home. All you need is your imagination and money for just a few buckets of paints.

Instead of buying new cabinetry, you would find that repainting over your old cabinets can do a more effective job. Layer them up with a few coats of bright-colored paint to make your kitchen much livelier.

You can even use paints to color your rundown walls or the kind of walls that have the previous paint job peeling all over. The biggest upside is that you don’t necessarily need a professional to get a decent paint job done around the house. It’s easy to do it yourself and you can even add some of your creative ideas to the walls.

Additional Storage

No home will look good if things are at sixes and sevens everywhere. Books and other objects lying on the floor or scattered around the house can surprisingly downgrade the good aspects that your house already possesses. The best thing you can do to avoid this situation is to gather up everything and organize them in one place. You may pull it off by using some shelves. You can use your skills to build the shelves but if you’re not the skillful type, you can purchase them from the nearby hardware or furniture market.

You can buy tall shelves to stack up against your books. You can use decorative or fancy boxes and fill them up with your items and place them onto the shelves. You may even put up some decorative pieces for a more delightful look.

Gallery on the Walls

As mentioned before, painting the walls can be a great upgrade to your house value but you can always go one more step ahead to make things even better. If you have a love for art, then there is no better way to flaunt your artistic side than to create your own gallery on the wall filled with collections of art. You can utilize acrylic prints found at bumblejax.com for a more grand appeal of the art pieces onto the walls.

If you happen to be an artist of some sort, you can even hang up your own pieces of art on the wall. This way you can showcase your talent and at the same time amplify the enchanting décor of your house walls.

Window Hacks

To make your house look brighter and alluring, make sure that you avoid using heavy fabrics to cover your windows. Using light-colored drapes with a gauze fabric is more appealing to the eye. Furthermore, if you wish to make your windows look taller, place the curtain rod a few inches away from the top of the window which will give your curtain more room to hang down from.

Don’t Forget the Mother Nature

Adding some plants in the house will only brighten up the place besides creating a healthy environment for the people.

Whether it’s the bathroom or your dinner table, one of the great things about adding plants inside the house is that you can place them almost anywhere and instantly make the place look amazing. You can stack up some herbal plants in pots onto a shelf in your kitchen. You can hang planters on the walls or even on your front door.

Plants need daily care but if you cannot take care of them but still like the impact their presence gives off, you can always use fake plants to deliver the same effect.

Add Mirrors

If you live in a small space but want to make your place look bigger, then investing in some wall mirrors is your best bet.

A mirror creates an illusion of a larger and brighter space. Hanging them onto the walls make the space of the house appears bigger and less claustrophobic. You can even go ahead and decorate these mirrors by adding borderlines to the edges. You can glue pieces of tiles around the border or use square molding to frame it.

New Door Handles

Replace your old doorknobs and cupboard door handles with some new quality pieces for a more refreshed appearance. You won’t need a professional to do this for you. You can easily unscrew these handles from the rear and take their measurements for the ones you want to replace them with. You can find door handles at reasonable prices at multiple home improvement stores. Just make sure that when you buy door handles, they should be the same size or preferably bigger than the ones you are replacing. This way you can attach them to the door and hide any marks that your previous door handle might have left behind. Also, you can fill your room with colorful accessories, add pillows, bedspread, or if you have IKEA furniture, you can renew it with IKEA covers, for example, IKEA KLIPPAN sofa cover.

Revamping the overall look of your house on a budget is not an easy task but it does bring out the artist and interior designer in you. You can try the above-mentioned tips and suggestions to give your house a refreshing new look without having to spend a huge sum of money.

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