7 Key Tech Startup Tips for Entrepreneurs

If you’re an entrepreneur thinking about creating a startup, then there are some things you need to know. Read on to learn key tech startup tips.

About 80% of startups make it into their second year. Meanwhile, only 56% make it to their fifth year. Before starting your own business, it helps to have a plan.

That way, you can avoid major pitfalls and set yourself up for long-term business success.

Here are the seven key tech startup tips you need to succeed. With these tips, you can make a plan and pave your road to a successful business venture. Otherwise, you could end up becoming one of the startups that don’t make it to year two.

Become one of the best new startups of the year with these seven tips!

1. Know Your Purpose

Before doing anything else, make sure you have a clear purpose for creating your tech startup. It’s not enough to have a passion for the industry. You need a purpose that will push you forward.

Becoming a startup CEO comes with many challenges. To survive those hardships, you’ll need your purpose to guide you. When you feel like throwing in the towel, your purpose will remind you why you started in the first place.

The best startups have experienced their pitfalls and challenges. However, the companies that survive are the ones who started with a commitment.

Why are you starting this business? Does your purpose outweigh the challenges you might face?

Remember, you’re building something important to you and your customers.

How are you helping them? How are you making their lives easier and better?

Even as you change and evolve, this purpose and mission will drive you toward success.

2. Meet a Mentor

Startups that rely on a mentor’s sound advice grow 3.5 times faster and raise 7 times more money than those without.

As an entrepreneur, you’ll likely feel like your focus is getting pulled in different directions. You’ll need to find the time, energy, and know-how to navigate new situations. A mentor can help you save valuable time and energy, allowing you to make money sooner rather than later.

Your mentor will show you how to invest your time wisely. They’ll direct you toward the areas that need the most focus and offer the startup advice you need.

Look for someone who created their own tech startup in the past. Their hands-on advice will benefit your business. You’ll get the chance to leverage their experience and avoid the mistakes they made in the past.

Founders of failed start-ups have a 20% higher chance to succeed in their next venture. Learning from a mentor who has failed in the past will help you recognize new avenues for success. You’ll also learn how to predict your own failures sooner.


If you don’t know a successful entrepreneur, take the time to network. Make connections with people in your industry who have navigated the pitfalls of starting a business on their own. Looking for a startup CEO you can depend on will benefit your business in the long run.

Don’t feel afraid to ask questions. That’s what your mentor is there for!

Instead of struggling to find those answers through trial and error, you can establish a strong start for your tech business from the get-go.

3. Find Funding

Funding is still the number one challenge for small businesses. 33% of small businesses lack the capital and cash flow they need to keep the business running. With that in mind, you need to find sufficient capital.

Almost 80% of business owners self-finance their startup with personal funds. However, you can also find angel investors or a bank loan to get your business up and running.

Once you find funding, it’s also important to consider how you’ll use that money. Create a line item budget for yourself. Make sure you don’t overspend the investment money you manage to gather.

Otherwise, you won’t make it through the year.

4. Take Innovative Risks

Innovation is key to any new business. Otherwise, you’ll fail to stand out from your competitors. As you review these startup tips, consider how you can drive innovation in the tech industry.

First, consider your customers. What pains are they experiencing? What solutions can you offer?

You might need to pull from your own experiences to determine areas where you can innovate.

Don’t feel hesitant to take risks, either. You can’t break through the mold of the tech industry without trying something new. Take a look at what your competitors are doing.

What can you do that’s entirely different, new, and exciting?

The best new startups know how to take innovative risks that drive the industry forward.

5. Establish a Strong Team

You can’t do it all alone. To set your business up for success, you’ll need a supportive team there to back you up. Look for people who balance your skillset.

Establishing a team full of varying skills will help you avoid gaps. You can utilize that set of diverse skills and career backgrounds to help your business grow.

Once you have your team in place, make sure to review your budget. You don’t want to over- or underpay your employees. You can also use this guide on how to create a pay stub to avoid costly mistakes.

6. Focus on Solutions

The best new startups in the technology industry focus on creating solutions that drive revenue. Look back at the problems your customers are facing. To drive your business, it’s important to become their go-to for an easy solution.

Solving their problem in a timely, easy manner will help you become a valuable resource in your industry.

Consider creating a blog on your website that shows off your experience and expertise. Use industry-relevant resources and statistics in your articles as you discuss the problems your customers are facing.

These blog posts can help you can become a thought leader in your industry.

7. Remain Patient

Even the best startups don’t become successful overnight. Instead, you’ll need to remain patient. Remember, you’ll likely face a few ups and downs along the way.

How you navigate those challenges and your determination to remain committed will help you become successful.

Set Yourself Up for Success: Startup Tips for Business Success

Set your tech startup business up for long-term growth! With these tech startup tips, you can create a successful business venture from the get-go. Experience success like never before with these easy tips.

Explore the Tips section of the blog today for more helpful business advice.

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