7 Majestic Places to Hike in Australia

Australia is home to breath-taking coastlines and wilderness to the interior. It offers several majestic places to hike. For each site, there are Australia traveling tips posted online which will keep you safe from sporadic weather and bushfires.

Australia is considered to be among the most beautiful countries in the world. It’s an island a country and a continent surrounded by both the Pacific and Indian oceans. Ozzie, as they like to refer to themselves, are welcoming individuals; however, it all boils down to the visitor’s attitude. You’re probably wondering “Ozzie?” Well, “Aussie” is the American version of Ozzie something that the Australian natives call a great error.

Australia’s scenic views
Australia’s scenic views Image Source: Pexels

If you’re thinking of going for a hike to this amazing nation, then prepare yourself for a great treat as there’s so much in store for you. It is home to some extraordinary animal species like the duck-billed platypus and the outback, a massive wilderness desert. Planning to visit the country, here are some Australia traveling tips, 7 majestic places to go for your next hike. It’s time to get your outdoor hiking gear ready!

1. Hiking Camping Trails – The Overland Track

Whether you’re an experienced hiker or not, the Overland Track is among terrains where having hiking guides is a must. It’s as beautiful as it is dangerous. If you’re not battling a sudden change in the weather, you’ll probably be dealing with bushfires and a whole range of animal species from leeches to rodents. The Overland Track, approximately 65km and located on the Tasmanian desert, a world heritage site and is home to the Tasmanian devil. It’s a scenic route which requires booking. There’s not just one but several best hiking spots that one can explore.

Hiking Camping Trails – The Overland TrackImage Source: Pixabay

Top Australia traveling tips when going to this location include going in parties of 3 or more individuals, informing other responsible people of your plans just in case something happens they’re aware of your position. You also must be willing to change course and go back because in this terrain the weather can be quite erratic. Seasons don’t really work here as at any point it can start to snow. At one point it will be summer, and next, you’re freezing to death, so come prepared. To avoid being caught off-guard with the weather visit the Bureau of Meteorology to get the forecast. It will come in handy.

2. The Great Ocean Walk

Get your outdoor hiking gear ready because the Great Ocean Walk is one you definitely need to take. If you’re a fan of hiking near Newport Beach or on similar terrains, this will be a great adventure. It’s classified as grade 3 and covers a distance of about 104km. It will take you between 8 to 10 days to cover the walk. There are several hiking camping trail options, making it possible for every individual to have a unique experience. It’s an exciting journey, and like the Overland Track, there’s an abundance of best hiking spots, which any good cheap hiking boots will work with. Other than a gorgeous scenic route, other features include an opportunity to see the iconic Twelve Apostles rock, abandoned beaches, several wildlife species from both land and water, and history of the Australian natives the Aborigines from shipwrecks found along the coastal line among others.

The Great Ocean WalkImage Source: Pixabay

The Australia traveling tips to this location include:

  • Make some advance booking with Parks Victoria; it provides you with the opportunity to secure a sleeping/resting stop for the night while on the trail
  • There are tour or hiking guides you can hire
  • There’s a range of accommodation options available

3. The Dove Lake Circuit Walk

The Dove Lake Circuit walk is a 10km walk which should take you approximately 3 to 4 hours to complete depending on your walking speed. It’s located on the Northern part of Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. On the terrain, you’ll come across the Marion Lookout point, Ballroom forest, and glacier rocks among others.

The Dove Lake Circuit WalkImage Source: Pixabay

The Australia traveling tips to this location include:

  • Weather in this location is a bit sporadic, therefore be prepared for anything and get a forecast from the Bureau of Meteorology
  • Hiking gear to carry include hiking poles, and proper clothing, also any good cheap hiking boots
  • Make the experience unique to you, as there’s no standard law dictating how the walk ought to be taken

4. Australia Travelling Tips – The Heysen Trail

The Heysen Trail is grade 4/5, covering over 1200km and which will take close to 50 or 60 days to complete. It’s a journey for the experienced hikers and ideal for persons looking for a complete Ozzie experience. On the trail, there’s a mix of beautiful human-made and natural features to mesmerize over. They include fantastic rock formations, beautiful vineyards, bushlands and several flora and fauna species among others. Some Australia traveling tips to this location include:

  • Although categorized as grade 4/5 several hiking camping trails are catering for all categories of hikers, that is from the most to the least experienced
  • You’ll need hiking guides
  • Get your outdoor hiking gear ready because you’ll need them, for example, hiking poles
Australia Travelling Tips – The Heysen Trail

5. Flinders Chase Coastal Trek

Found on the Kangaroo Island in South Australia, the Flinders Chase Coastal trek is an 18km journey packed with a range of scenic ocean views and several animal species. It’s as beautiful as it is dangerous especially when you don’t have the right gear, specifically to your feet. Get yourself a pair of good cheap hiking boots, to protect you from the limestone shoreline with sharp edges. It’s a one-way trip.

Flinders Chase Coastal TrekImage Source: Pexels

6. Cape To Cape Track

Cape To Cape Track along the Margaret River is a 123km walk along beautiful shorelines and surf beaches. Well, surfing in Australia is a hobby for quite many Aussies. The route will take you through a national park, cool cascades, rock formations and cliff tops where wildflowers flourish.

Cape To Cape Track along the Margaret River is a 123km walk along beautiful shorelines and surf beaches. Well, surfing in Australia is a hobby for quite many Aussies

7. The Maria Island Walk

The Maria Island Walk is located in eastern Tasmania. The walk cuts through the Maria Island national park and offers some tranquility. You’ll get a look at Australia’s history specifically the convicting part, rare sightings of unique wildlife species, and wondrous shorelines.

The Maria Island WalkImage Source: Pexels



Hiker at glacier pointImage Source: Unsplash

There’s an abundance of “best hiking spots” in Australia, from the wilderness to the rugged shorelines. The 7 are just a few among the many majestic terrains. Luckily, if you have a safety concern, you can access several Australia traveling tips to the locations.

So, which hikes have you taken in the region that blew your mind away? Please share it with us.

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