7 Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales This Holiday Season

Given the current circumstances, most consumers will be relying on e-commerce and online marketplaces to prep and shop for the upcoming festivities. What can you do this holiday season differently to attract more qualified leads and maximize sales? Your answer lies in employing a more robust digital marketing strategy that is catered to deliver to the demands of your audience.

1. Offer an Omni-Channel Experience

Businesses that employ an Omnichannel approach can deliver a powerful buying experience to customers. The idea is to pivot your marketing strategies to the interactions, interests, and online behavior of the customer.

Your channels will adapt to the customer journey target the most relevant ads and consistently content their way. This helps to bring back a one-time customer for a repeat purchase. Once you’ve implemented an Omnichannel marketing strategy, you’ll be able to reach customers and cater to their needs regardless of the channel they’re on.

2. Polish Your Email Marketing Strategy

This holiday season, consumers will be checking their emails a lot more frequently than ever before. Marketers can successfully boost traffic to their web pages by sending highly personalized and engaging email messages to their subscribers. You can make use of eye-catching visuals, greeting cards, and imagery to deliver exciting news about your holiday-themed offers.

To your most loyal customers, you can send exclusive offers about your business and also notify them in advance about new holiday-themed product launches. For your inconsistent buyers, you can retarget ads and send reminders about products they had shown interest in previously. This will convince them to return to your pages and convert them into paying customers.

3. Shoot A Video

In 2020 we witness an incline in the use of video content to attract more leads. It is easier and more convenient to advertise your products by making a few seconds long video and sharing it on different social media platforms rather than renting a billboard. A lot of brands partner with influencers during the holiday time to market their products and tap into a different audience. You can request an influencer to test out and review your products in a video that you can share on your socials. This can also help you gain a positive response from your audience and create more recognition of your product and brand.

4. Leverage The Power Of Hashtags

By using hashtags on different social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, you can easily reach a larger number of followers and gain recognition for your posts. Look for hashtags that are related to your niche that are trending on social media, as most customers like to purchase products that are most talked about on social media. This helps to develop brand awareness and drives engagement to your content across all social media channels. All holiday-themed hashtags must be included in your posts so that prospects can easily find your posts while they’re browsing.

Whether it’s a video, image, blog post, or infographic, including hashtags in your posts can help boost the visibility of your content and bring traffic to your pages.

5. Mobile Marketing

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, mobile marketing has become very popular. People commonly do their shopping on their mobile devices as it requires less effort and is much quicker. While your company is creating more seasonal marketing strategies to capture the attention of prospects, it’s vital to target mobile consumers.

The content of your web page or store must be mobile-user friendly, and the purchasing process must be quick and easy so that your customers don’t feel overwhelmed by it. Mobile optimization is essential for the success of your online marketplace as it can improve your search engine rankings and help drive organic traffic.

As people begin their holiday shopping, they’ll be spending more time on their mobile devices browsing for exciting deals and offers that can elevate their online shopping experience. Aim to target a minimum of two to three ads daily and focus on products that they find interesting. Brands can enjoy huge ROI when they’re proactively concentrating on the right audiences and targeting ads that can convince new users to make the first purchase.

6. Try Your Hand At Web-rooming

Web-rooming is one way to get ahead of your customers. Create custom holiday-themed catalogs for your products, which enables new users and customers to compare multiple products and prices at the same time easily. This saves time and reduces any confusion that prospects may encounter while browsing. This technique helps brands gain positive reviews and increase the sales funnel, thereby resulting in more brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

7. Prioritize Facebook Ads

Holidays are a great time to engage with your customers and to raise awareness about your business. With the help of Facebook, you can increase your sales by creating page posts and ads that can help attract the attention of people who are interested in your brand. You can create customized ads that are based on your customers’ interests, age, and more.

By using post insights, you can have the option to show your posts and ads at the same time as when your customers are online. Promote as many holiday-themed posts on your page at least a month before the holidays so you can space out product ads and special offers that new and existing customers can view and have their holidays brightened.

Don’t forget to use hashtags and keywords to make your posts visible to an audience that has a high chance of converting. For example, include your service location in the hashtags or keywords to attract an audience from that area. You may include digital marketing in Houston TX to get people in Houston to see your post and buy from your brand.

Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Sales This Holiday Season

The heart of the season lies in appealing colors, heart-warming messages, and lots of celebrations. These are some surefire strategies to make sure your products stay at the top of people’s minds when holiday shopping. This is a great opportunity for brands to revamp their marketing practices and drive conversions to their sales funnel. Don’t hesitate to spice up your content to fit the upcoming festivities and encourage prospects to buy your holiday-themed products.

Your retail store can make the best out of this year’s holiday if you follow our game plan. There will be no stopping the on-pour of customer orders when you adapt your marketing strategy to the holiday season.

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