7 Pieces of Gear to Improve Your Next Camping Trip

No matter if you’re a seasoned camper or just getting ready for your first nature outing, there are always ways that you can make your camping trip more comfortable and fun. We all know to pack a tent, sleeping bag, and chair, but those are bare essentials that won’t really provide you with a lux experience.

From practical food prep equipment to sleeping gear and you need to wear, here are the top investments that will improve your camping!

A top-notch cooler

A camping trip is just not complete without cold beer, so make sure to invest in a good cooler. A top-notch model will not only keep your drinks refreshing but also ensure your food is safe from spoiling.

Honestly, all the best foods need to be kept refrigerated (burgers, bacon, cheese!) So ditch your cheap styrofoam cooler and pick out something that will not fall apart before you reach your destination. If you’re hitting a solo camping trip, there are mini versions perfect for one!

A practical table

Many campers take tables for granted. However, once they have to prepare a full meal without a good table, they usually start regretting their decision to overlook this piece of equipment.

While some camping grounds come with picnic tables, you need to have something portable for when you pick a spot that’s table-less. Lightweight and collapsible options like these are always a good choice!

Bug and sun protection

You don’t want to look like a lobster that got stung by hundreds of mosquitoes after day one of your camping trips!  So, make sure to ditch the macho talk and pack plenty of bug repellent and sunscreen. If you sweat a lot or swim, make sure to apply your sunscreen liberally and often!

Bug repellents like Deep Wood Bug Spray with DEET will save your skin and your sanity. If you have kids at your camping party, choose something without DEET and with picaridin.

Ultimate comfort

If you really want to feel like a true camper, you need to stay comfortable yet connected with nature at all times. So, ditch your regular chairs and grab a relaxing hammock that will always make you feel ready for a nap.

There are also super cozy double hammocks that will allow you to snuggle with your partner or fall asleep under the stars! Plus, something durable made of quality nylon will last you practically forever if you treat it right. Make sure to also grab a sleeve to keep your hammock dry in case of sudden showers.

you need to stay comfortable yet connected with nature at all times


Sure, you can spend your days connecting with nature and chatting with your friends, but you’re bound to get bored eventually. So, make sure to pack some great camping games. You can grab games like glow stick ring toss or glow-in-the-dark bowling and not only make your camping much more fun, but also bring back home a bunch of amazing photos!

Bluetooth speakers

There’s nothing better than campfire guitar jams. But, if you don’t have any gifted musicians at your party, you can still have fun in the evening or start your day with some upbeat tunes if you grab a good Bluetooth speaker.

Companies like JBL have many amazing outdoor models that are completely waterproof, so you don’t have to worry you’ll run out of music even during a rainstorm. Some better models will provide you with over 20 hours of music on a single charge—that means you can play Take Me Home, Country Roads almost 400 times!

Bluetooth speakers

Good camera

While we’re on the subject of photography, you need to bring a good camera with you. Sure, getting away from technology is great for your mind, but you want to have plenty of fun memories from your trip.

Luckily, you can grab a new GoPro that’s durable and super practical. It can be attached to your hat, your backpack strap, or your mountain bike and it will record all your most exciting moments.

If you’re really into technology and want to provide your friends with ultimate memories, you can invest in a drone with a camera that will give you aerial shots of your camp and your parties!

With gear like this, you’ll never want to return to civilization again (and honestly, you’ll have no reason to do so). So, make sure to treat yourself to these camping luxuries and you’ll have an unforgettable camping trip this summer!

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