7 Pro’s Tips That’ll Make Clogs Less of a Problem

Most homeowners wish to never have to battle clogs all their lives, but that’s not even close to reality. Where there’s a drain, there’s likely a day or two that you’d have to deal with clogs. Even when you have the most sophisticated plumbing system.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it doesn’t mean that because a clog situation is sure to happen then there’s nothing you can do to minimize the possibility of it wreaking havoc in your precious homes. So, if clogs get on your nerves, keep reading on. We’ll be sharing with you a few things you can do to stave off clogged situations from taking place as much as possible in your home.

1- Install a drain filter

It’s no surprise that clogs can get downright frustrating especially if you’d have to deal with it every single day. But, with a few changes in the way you use your plumbing, they can be fairly avoided. One of the smart ways to do it is to install a drain filter, assuming you don’t have one. Soap scum, hair, and other debris struggle to flow down the drain. They often get caught up in shower drains, but can also get caught up in bathroom and kitchen drains.

Putting a drain filter over the drain opening will allow these elements to sit on the drain filter instead of blocking the drain pipe. Anyone can install a drain filter, because of its simple structure. No tools are needed. It also has an easy pull-up handle that allows for easy removal and cleaning. It comes in different types for different purposes, but they all work very similarly – to discourage debris from going down the drain and creating unnecessary blockage.

2- Manage your rubbish

Clog happens because of several reasons. Sometimes within human control, other times, it’s not. Therefore, it just goes to show that the condition of your pipe system can speak loudly of how you use and take care of it. If we pay no attention to what we put inside our mouths, we can get bloated or even get sick. Your plumbing is no different. It also needs tender love and care to operate in full functionality. How you go about that is to manage your rubbish. Be mindful of what you dump into the drain. Your drains are only meant to take wastewater, and whatever goes out of your front and your dookie hole. Other than that goes to the waste basket.

In sink drains, wipe any grease off your kitchenware first, including food waste that doesn’t break down before washing them in the sink. In the toilet, bathroom, and tub pick up any hair and other debris that has a knack for squeezing through the tiny holes of your drain filter.

3- Pour boiling water from time to time

If your plumbing system does not have plastic pipes, you can flush it with boiling water at least once a week. Some people are good at disposing of their oil and grease properly, but over time, you can still get a fair amount of grime and grease from washing kitchenware. Flushing your drains with boiling water will make sure grease will never have a chance to linger inside the pipe and get caught with other debris to make an enormous clog.

Over time, the blockage will prevent your home’s wastewater from freely flowing, resulting in pipe leak, or sewer line damage. The downside with boiling water is that if it reaches between 70-100 centigrade, it can be hot enough for some plastic pipes and porcelain toilets to form a weird grove or warping effect.

4- Reuse or recycle cooking oils

Make it into the habit to dispose of cooking oil properly. If you make a lot of grease at one time, say you have a big celebration at home and you’d have to fry a turkey. Pour the used oil into a sealable jar instead and wipe the remaining grease off with a paper towel. Cooking oils can be recycled into biofuel, so it just makes sense to find an oil recycling hub near you instead of dumping it in your drains.

When you do, you’re not only giving yourself a favor by not having to deal with potential clogs in your home but also the entire city. Experts say, that using biofuel cuts down the effect of many major air pollutants that are dangerous to health and the environment.

5- Sign up for regular pipe inspection

Clogs when not discovered in time, could start raw sewage from spurting out your drains. Something no one would wish they’d deal with their entire life. That’s why, even if you don’t notice any signs of clogs in your home, it pays off to get your drain and sewer line inspected by experts like pipe relining Sydney professionals. They can do regular pipe inspections in your drains using a sophisticated drain camera to check out leaks, clogs, and other damages. A regular pipe inspection will give plumbers an easy way to also see other problems that have the potential to become a major one in the future. Saving you from costly repairs.

6- Routine professional drain cleaning

As much as we’d like, it doesn’t always smell like flowers in the kitchen. The smell of the buildup of food and gunk that’s stuck in your drains can continually emanate into the rest of your home if they are not removed immediately. Show your drains some love by cleaning them regularly. You can go for eco-friendly home remedy solutions using some kitchen staples if you’re comfortable with it. But if you reckon you’re just gonna create a mess rather than solve the problem, leave it to the experts. They have specialized tools to clean drains and knock off clogs in your home, so it doesn’t compound and create more problems in the future.

7- Go for Pipe Relining

Whether you like it or not, there’s a high chance that you’ll be dealing with a clog again if you don’t fix problems down the line. If you’re concerned you may have problems in your drain line and sewer line, contact Revolution Pipe Relining right away. Our Sydney relining solutions such as sewer pipe relining, drain pipe relining, cast-iron pipe relining, and trenchless sewer relining, fix damages in your piping system whilst making it more durable and efficient than it was before. It means your pipeline will become more seamless to allow wastewater and debris to travel through freely, making clogs less likely to happen in your home.


As it turns out, making clogs become less of a headache to you is just easy if you follow our tips. But if all else fails, make sure to get in touch with our team right away. Sometimes, a clog is not as simple as it may seem, but a trained eye will never fail to catch it.

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