7 Proven Techniques for increasing website traffic in the iGaming industry

While the market’s larger competitors may have a resource advantage, SEO allows lesser-known companies to compete and perform well.

But without the help of SEO experts, smaller brands tend to fail at it and many iGaming affiliate networks miss out on lucrative opportunities due to poor SEO planning or basic affiliate marketing mistakes that reduce campaign effectiveness.

Read on to find out why most iGaming sites fail to rank and learn about 7 Proven Techniques for increasing website traffic in the iGaming industry.

1. Never stop prioritizing site crawlability and usability

iGaming SEO follows the same rules as other types of SEO. It’s part of making your site searchable.

Whether you run a casino, a poker room, a sportsbook, or an iGaming affiliate site, you want your website to look good.

However, adding logos and graphics can impact your site’s usability and crawlability, especially if you use JavaScript. Java makes it quite challenging for search engines to index your pages and hinders users ability to navigate your site smoothly.

That’s why SEO experts prefer to use HTML5 as it makes it easier for them to get better rankings for your website.

2. Ignoring Mobile Compatibility

Mobile internet users should be able to experience the same usability and comfort that desktop users do. Additionally, Google prefers mobile-friendly websites because it values the user experience.

Is your website mobile-friendly? Get more knowledge on any page loading issues that may affect Google’s understanding of your site using Google’s mobile-friendliness.

3. Ignoring localized content and SEO

iGaming or online casino affiliate marketing sites frequently fail to optimize their sites for local SEO and offer poor content. The ability to target specific cities or regions is critical. Most search engines treat local terms differently than global keywords.

Include city/region-specific terminology and keywords in your titles and meta descriptions to maximize iGaming affiliates and websites localization.

Local SEO examples include “£10 Arsenal Sportsbook Bonus”, “10$ Lakers Sportsbook Bonus”, and “€10 FC Bayern Sportwettenbonus.” As a side note, the use of specialized iGaming ads/SEO methods is prohibited in some countries, so you’ll need to find a workaround.

Hint: write articles and reviews before and after weekends’ matches. These football and sports reviews are priceless.

4. Website Optimization

Your site will not outrank your direct competitors if it loads slower than theirs.

Most mobile sites lose nearly half of their visitors while loading. Determining how fast your website loads and what needs to be improved is easy with tools like WebPageTest, PageSpeed Insights, and Think with Google. You can also compare your results to your direct competitors. Furthermore, the number or size of your scripts, the quality of your images, and other visual elements will all impact loading speed.

5. Inconsistent Design Elements

Inconsistent design elements that do not adhere to your company’s branding can drive any demographic away from your site. Your website is a visual representation of your company, so stick to your brand and visual identity, or use sloppy, haphazard design. This is crucial for iGaming affiliate websites, where we constantly see a patchwork of design elements.

6. Creating content of poor quality

You’ve probably heard the words “content is king.” Cliches exist because they are true, especially when your site’s traffic comes from blogs and articles.

Your website will suffer from high bounce rates due to poor content or misleading titles and content. Keep in mind that strong iGaming affiliate content provides relevant, valuable, and interesting information tailored to your target audience’s preferences.

Unfortunately, there is no workaround for this one. You have to sit and write pages of creative and appealing content, or get help from professional Digital Marketing companies that offer copywriting services.

7. How to Create High-Quality Backlinks?

If you think backlinks aren’t crucial for SEO anymore, then you’re quite wrong. Remember to get backlinks the right way, without using any black hat methods.

If Google detects poor quality backlinks, it will label your site as spam, causing an immense drop in organic traffic and ranking.

Influencers usually avoid linking to iGaming sites due to negative perceptions. That’s why you should make your content as valuable, accessible, and shareable as possible. This will help you gain natural, relevant, and high-quality traffic while adhering to search engine rules.

Remember that a few high-quality links from respected websites can outperform hundreds of low-quality links.

Final thoughts

It isn’t tough to get instant website traffic. All it takes is a few promotional strategies, a little expertise, and a lot of effort. If all else fails, you can give your marketing to a company that can take your site to the next level by archiving your domain’s webpage.

As you’ve learned by now, improving your website’s search engine rankings and bounce rate is dependent on a variety of things. These seven suggestions will assist you in optimizing your iGaming website to deliver the best value, usability, and experience for your visitors and address the most prevalent obstacles that hinder it from attaining its full potential and visibility.

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