7 Really Simple Bedroom Ideas for Saying Goodbye To The Traditional Bedrooms

Sleep is the most crucial part of our life. We work hard all day to get back to a comfortable bed at night. A new looking bedroom will refresh us from all the tiredness we had to go through. But it is not easy to find a beautiful design for your bed that will be functional at the same time. So let’s know about some bedroom ideas that do not look boring as traditional ones.

Glamour up your bedroom:

When we hear the word glamour, we think that it is going to cost all of our money. But do not worry. These kinds of beds look glamorous, but they are more simplified. A simple color palette makes it more gorgeous. You can try to contrast colors like black and white. They look beautiful as if they are straight out of magazines. You can buy the king bed foundation for a bigger family. Choose the best hybrid mattress for being comfortable. Paint the walls in stripes, and it will look beautiful.

Get some greens plants:

A bedroom with some green plants will look fresh and adorable and refresh your mind. Houseplants can purify the air and provide you with some oxygen. It makes sure you can sleep better and make the interior look eye-soothing. You can keep aloe-Vera, money plant, rubber plant, and philodendron. With all this keep your whole bedroom very simple with essential things. Spend on the best hybrid mattress to sleep comfortably.

Try something different:

Different things which break monotony pleases our mind. If you think different is fun then try to put your bed on the floor. We sleep sound when we go camping with our friends in nature. At that time we keep ourselves on the floor. So try it at the house to make a different look. Do not worry about your mattress going bad. When you buy a mattress make sure you buy the best waterproof mattress protector. It will stop your mattress from getting fungus or anything from the floor. King bed foundation will be better with this kind of room settings.

Make a bedroom that reflects your personality:

We all have different habits and hobbies. If our rooms reflected us more than pictures or interior designers, it would look better. We all think differently so our bedroom ideas could be different as well. Like, if you are a book lover along with other things keep a big bookshelf on the wall. It will reflect your personality more. Some persons like games, they can keep their gaming things there. It will make the place look very own.

Make your bedroom a creative place:

If you are a person who loves creating things, then go for however you like it to be. Do not be afraid to be yourself in there because it is your own place. You can hang something that inspires you on the wall. It will make your wall classier and provide you with inspiration. You can hang some art done by yourself.

Opt for Fresh flowery vibe:

A simple girly bedroom can also be described as flowery as well. You can get a floral bed sheet and a lot of vases with flowers. Do not go overboard with this which will look exaggerated.

Reinvent your love for fabrics:

Themed bedroom can be done by concentrating on beautiful fabrics. A light and pretty colored curtain, bedsheet, and canopy will look so different and cute. Make sure they all are matched so that you can get the vibe you want. It will save you pounds as you will not be wasting money on showpieces. Homescapes have multiple options regarding bedding for your bedroom decor such as Egyptian cotton bedding.


These were some simple ideas for your bedroom which can help you get out of the traditional look you are stuck into. But there are some things that you will have to be careful about. Like buying a mattress that has the best waterproof mattress protector. Because it will protect you from water and other things as well.

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