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7 Rust Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Knowing about the Rust tips is the cervical key in the brutal world for crafting, especially if you are entering it for the first time. When you enter the environment for the first time, you will find yourself naked with a rock and a torch for equipment, and most importantly, you will find some of the rust food quickly, and you are wasting away.

There are also many threats from the hostile animals and various other players scattering around the rust maps, and never let you off for the rust tips, and you will soon be a survival master.

. Rust finally arrives with the consoles:

Being released in 2013, Rust has finally arrived in the consoles and can be seen as one of the most challenging and entertaining experiences you would like to find. The game is quite popular, just like Pubg, and you can conquer it with its cheats, just like there are many authentic pubg cheats available. Without any in-game tutorial, it is pretty hard to start, so that you can check out some of the listed tips for beginners:

. Choose a beginner-friendly server:

Here your first choice is to have a server to start playing. Many newcomers go to any highly populated official server, but they are often filled up with experienced players. Being a newcomer, you need time to figure out how to start playing safely without getting killed after spawning. Therefore you are advised to have a friendly server for you.

To get started, you can click on play in the main menu and go to community servers then. Here you will find a search bar on the screen and type something like a friendly, beginner, or even just PvE to find the perfect starting server. Here note that you can still be killed by the players but are less likely to.

. Always make use of double doors to your bases for protecting your stuff:

Whenever you meet another equipped player, you are always suggested to do the other best thing: run back to your base and then hide. It is risky, though, as you can accidentally have other players who have stashed material if you like to open the door to die.

You can interfere by creating the airlock as early as possible. Try building at least two rooms having locked doors and stashing the items in the last one. Your enemy player gets through your first, and they will never be able to reach the stored items. Do remember to lock your door from behind first, even if you are dying. The stash is said to be worth more than other items you are having on your body.

. Keep your base safe from decaying:

Buildings never last forever, especially in Rust. The base will decay with time, and great upkeep is the only way you can prevent this. Firstly, you must build a tool cupboard from the 1000 blocks of wood and place it in your base. Here you must place a certain amount for the business material being used in the cupboard. The bigger your base, the more upkeep you require (Keep this in mind before you start working on your mansion).

. Do check out for radiation:

As you have a strong base, now start visiting the abandoned sites to gather valuable materials. Before exploring the abandoned building for fun, they can make you radioactive and then kill you. Chances are close to nil that you will be able to survive without protective clothing. If you have an old industrial site, always keep your ears open. Do you hear a crackling sound, which means the buildings are irradiated? Do turn around!

. To make your life easier, choose the right spot for your first base:

Your base location has a lot of influence on affecting the success of your game. It can help you in finding well-hidden spots with a lot of nearby resources, but never walk unless necessary. There is no use in running halfway around the map to get killed and respawn miles away. You can create many bases later on.

The best place will always be the forest. And it would help if you got started as it will give you the cover too. On the other hand, the desert can be dangerous, and the various snowy spaces are quite unsuitable for new players roaming around without clothes. It’s a great idea to live close by to the roads and various old towns for searching materials later on.

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