7 Sights Where Harry Potter was Filmed

While the final series completion of reshot ended in Dec 2010, fans are still interested in knowing the site locations where the Harry Potter series was filmed.

The eight fantasy films involved digitally created and convoluted models to bring cost-effective methods to display the series filming locations. However, there seems to be overridden by the real-world locations

If you love traveling and Harry Potter is in your blood, you cannot miss the Harry Potter filming locations. You don’t have to stick with Hogwarts memories in mind; you can fly to and walk around real-life locations where the filming took place.

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Would you not love to quench your craving for Harry Potter’s movies with some of the top picks?

If you want to learn about Harry Potter filming locations, here is a perfect guide.

7 Sights Where Harry Potter was Filmed

1. Picket Post Close, Bracknell

Picket Post Close is evident in the first Harry Potter film. 

This is where 4 Privet Drive was filmed. The house was located in the U.S

Warn Brothers had to part with a good sum of money for filming as compensation to the Picket Post-Close residents. Harry used the filming area for the 1st and 5th Harry Potter films.

2. Glencoe, Scotland

The filming of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was in Glencoe in Scotland. If you visit the place, you can spot a backdrop, and one can also trace Hogwarts grounds in the cloudy Highlands of Scotland.

Scotland seems to be a magical destination for most Harry Potter movies. One can spot some of the Hogwarts Express train scenes in Hagrid’s hut.

Also, some of the Half-Blood Prince scenes were filmed in Glencoe.

3. King’s Cross Station, London

In Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, you can spot St Pancras Renaissance Hotel at King’s Cross station entrance.

Also, the Kings cross is where Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizards students caught the Hogwarts Express.

4. New College Cloisters

New College Cloister is one of the places where the Harry Potter and the Goblet Fire film was shot from.

If you recall Harry’s confrontation with Malfoy, then the gigantic oak tree in the New College Cloisters would flash into your mind

5. Christ Church College in Oxford

One can spot a couple of Harry Potter scenes in Christ Church.

In Harry Potter: The Sorcerer’s Stone, Hogwarts students can be seen ascending a stone staircase and that staircase leads to the Christ Church.

The staircase is where Prof. Mc Gonagal met Harry, Hermione, and Ron. Again, the same staircase was used to inspire the Hogwarts Dining Hall.

If you remember Hermione showing Harry the trophy won by his father, it would be easy to recall the Christ Church.

6. Lacock Abbey

Lacock is a small village located in Bath. While many are not aware of the village, it has been used for many of the Harry Potter filming sites. The Philosopher’s Stone and The Chamber of Secrets have their place in the Abbey.

From the films, Abbey seems to be an iconic location. Most of the rooms in the Abbey were used as classrooms. For instance, Prof. Snape’s potion classroom.

Harry can hear Basilisk moving through the Cloister pipes in the film, and it’s the same place where Harry discovered the Mirror of Erised.

Some scenes in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince were also shot from Lacok.

7. Australia House

Some of the Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone were filmed in an Australian house. For instance, the shots of Gringotts were filmed in the Australia House- Exhibition House.

Along Fleet Street, two giants seem to be striking a bell. The route can take you to what was used as the interior for the Gringotts Bank.

If you want to enjoy and have a real grasp of the stories in Harry Potter, you can take a tour of some of these interesting Harry Potter filming sites. Note that Muggles are only allowed to view the exterior of the house.

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