7 Simple Tips To Increase Your Hair Volume That Really Work

Some days your hair is simply not at its best. Have there been way too many such days recently?  You must be getting fed up with your loose curls being gone before you know it or your hair getting greasy and losing its volume despite all those hours you spent in front of the mirror trying to make it look more voluminous.

We have all been there at one point – when a bad hair day just goes from bad to worse!

But what does it take to make your hair look shiny and healthy, and on top of it all – full of volume?

A few simple tips and tricks can help you boost your hair volume ( and your mood, too!) in almost no time. And they seem to work even when those super expensive hair products fail to make too much of a difference.

Clip-in Extensions – Practical & Reliable

Clip-in Extensions

Even if the methods you’ve tried before seem to be useless and you started to believe your hair is a lost cause, don’t get desperate.

An instant way of building your hair volume and adding to its thickness is, well, just a few clips away! Available in different shades, these clips blend in with your hair giving it a natural, bouncy look. They will transform the look of your hair into one of those red carpet styles, and the best bit is that you can color, wash, and blow-dry them freely.

There are plenty of options available on the market, and we believe a quality model like 4c-hair-extensions by will be the perfect pick.

The Right Type of Hair Product

Get to know what your hair and skin need! Because the wrong type of hair product can often harm rather than bring about the desired effect. And no – these do not have to cost a fortune to be effective.

Try to find a good volume-building shampoo with a reasonable amount of conditioner that won’t weigh your hairstyle down too soon.

Pick the right type of shampoo that will deal with your greasy scalp or a powerful serum that will revitalize your coarse ends. It might take time, but once you come across the right one –  your hair will know it and be grateful for sure.

Look After Your Scalp Properly

Look After Hair Scalp Properly

Your head skin is where it all starts! It is thus necessary to take good care of your scalp, too. Make sure you wash and clean it thoroughly every time you wash your hair. A healthy scalp will help your hair grow and give it a sleek, richer look.

Give both your hair and skin a special treat now and then – a good hair mask rich in vitamins B and E can make an incredible difference.

Rub it in with the pads of your fingers and massage your head gently. This will stimulate circulation and hair growth, for long-lasting and noticeable results.

Crimped Roots for a High Volume Effect

Crimped Roots for a High Volume Effect

No, the 80’s pop look is not what we have in mind. But you will be surprised by what a little bit of root crimping can do!

Do it only with the underlayers of your hair. It only takes a minute to lift the hair from the scalp and it is not visible from the outside. Your hair will be easy to style up and maintain its form for the rest of the day.

Give Hot Rollers a Try

Give Hair Hot Rollers a Try

Even if you’re short of time and getting ready to go out, there is a way to build your hair volume up. It only takes a set of good old hot rollers. They will shape your curls up while you’re busy putting your makeup on or choosing your outfit.

Unlike curling irons or blow drying which can take far too much time, they will spare a lot of your time and effort. Once you remove them, brush through the curls in the direction you want your waves to roll. Using a bit of hair spray is a good idea, too.

Dry Shampoo

Your hair gets greasy so quickly that you’ve become obsessive about washing it every single day. And it’s consuming too much of your time and energy. Dry shampoos can be real lifesavers if this is your case.

Dry shampoos are a fantastic way of giving body to your hair. They are an extremely practical solution for thin, flat, shapeless hair that gets too greasy in a short while.

Style Your Hair at Night

Some problems simply don’t solve overnight! But guess what? That does not apply to your hair! A simple trick will help you wake up with a bunch of beach curls and a hair full of volume.

There’s more than one way to build your hair volume while you sleep. Wash your hair before your bedtime, adding some styling products if you wish. Make sure the roots are dry ( as well as about 70% of your hair).

The rest is up to you – a bun, braids, or sponge rollers will work for you while you slumber. A great time-saver for busy mornings!

Turn to Nature

Turn to Nature

Haircare does not have to be costly and exclusively relies on specialty products. You can give your hair a boost by going for natural ingredients and adopting a healthier, stress-free lifestyle.

Applying aloe vera gel right to your scalp can have an unbelievable effect on your hair growth, strength, silkiness, and volume. Rub it in and leave for about an hour before rinsing for the best result.

Intake of minerals including iron, zinc, and copper, as well as vitamins  E, B, and C will help your hair revitalize. Make sure these are present in your daily diet. Minimizing the level of stress daily is another factor that contributes to the healthier look of your hair.

To Sum Up

You may not be so happy about the way your hair looks on some days. For that reason, we believe some of our tips will come in useful in giving it a brand new style and a more glamorous look.

Starting a day with bouncy, healthy-looking hair full of volume will certainly make you feel good about yourself and embrace a new day full of enthusiasm.

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