7 Simple Ways to Get More Instagram Likes

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms out there right now. Here are 7 simple ways you can get more Instagram likes on your account.

If you’re in business in the digital age, you can’t deny the benefit of social media. Social media platforms provide a great way to increase your brand awareness, get followers that lead to customers, and grow your business.

And when you have a business with a visual presence, promoting your products with posts, your bio, and stories on Instagram make a great marketing strategy.

One of the tools to build your brand on Insta: getting likes. But how do you get more Instagram likes? In this post, you’ll learn seven ways to get more likes. Let’s get to it.

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Is Instagram for You?

First, you need to ask yourself if Instagram is the best social advertising vehicle for your brand. If it’s not, here’s how to delete Instagram. If you sell B2B products, you might do better by making connections on LinkedIn.

Instagram works best for brands with a visual presence. This means photos of your products and your services help you sell.

Some businesses ideal for Instagram include eCommerce, home decor, interior design, furniture, art, and many other brands that use images to sell.

Should I Buy Likes?

Companies may contact you offering to sell you likes. Stay away from these shady businesses. This approach is similar to black hat linking techniques.

It never works. Search engines don’t like it and Instagram will find out and probably ban your business from the platform. You can make your brand likable and build trust without having to resort to smutty practices.

Instead, post content in your bio, posts, and stories that your followers value, and you’ll be off to a great start. And on your way to building a profitable brand. You’ll get more likes for sure. Here are some of the best ways to get followers to touch your heart.

1- Know Your Target Audience

To grow your business, it’s essential to know your target market. Want to know what they like? Then you have to know them.

Have you researched your ideal audience? If not, get to it because it works to target your social advertising. And other forms of marketing aside from social.

If you’ve researched online marketing, you’ve heard the term buyer persona. A buyer persona is a way to define your ideal client. Perhaps you have more than one.

In it, you’ll jot down your audience’s goals, pains, demographics, and desires. Here’s a template from Hubspot you can download to get you started.

2- Create Good Hashtags in Your Posts

Instagram places a lot of emphasis on good hashtags. They carry the potential to motivate people to want to read your post. And grow your audience. But you don’t want to type any old word in your #hashtags.

Follow these tips:

  • Find a middle ground: don’t be too general or too specific (eg. #siamesecatsofSantaMonica)
  • Use the right amount of hashtags in your post to get good engagement (8 or 9 work best)
  • Hashtags require some thought, so take some time to word them well

3- Your Stories and Bio Need Hashtags, Too

Although people can’t like your bio and stories, it’s a great way to get new followers. Hashtags in these places make a good strategy because many of these new followers will like your posts.

If you prefer to keep your stories neat, you can hide hashtags in your stories. But first, think about which tactic would be best for your brand. Only you know your brand.

4- Post-High-Quality Photos

Don’t post mediocre photos on Instagram. They rarely get likes. Make sure to put high-resolution photos on your page. Think about using a site with royalty-free images for general photos, but not your products.

Ask your friends, family, and colleagues if they know a good photographer to take photos of your products. Or consider hiring a professional. Depending on the type of business you own, you may want to enroll in a photography class to learn how to take the perfect shot.

Talk to a professional photographer to get a few shooting and editing pointers. You’ll be glad you had the conversation when you get more likes.

5- More People Can Find and Like Your Page By Geotagging Your Location

Geotagging works as an excellent tool to get more fans and followers. It works for more than restaurants and hair salons.

If you also have a brick and mortar store, geotagging is essential. Your new followers may decide to stop by to check out your product offerings.

Geotagging serves as the best way to build a community of followers from your neighborhood. Double-check your map coordinates to ensure they’re correct.

6- Create Posts Regularly

You don’t want to agitate your followers with too many posts. But you don’t want them to feel abandoned, ignored, or ghosted either. Don’t post content in a willy-nilly way. Use a calendar to schedule your posts.

A content calendar works as a super tool to determine how many posts you want to put out weekly, monthly, and annually. Of course, it may change depending on the circumstances of your business or your special promotions. But schedule consistent posts and you’ll see your likes increase.

7- Reach More People with Paid Instagram Ads

To promote my Instagram profile is a great way to get new followers and likes on my Instagram ads. It is not free, but it is worth your investment.

With 1 billion Instagram users on the platform, a paid ad may be just the thing you need to draw attention to your brand, increase your likes, and make you money.

Instagram Likes: The Way to Build Your Business

Now you’ve got the deets on how to get more Instagram likes. Follow these tips to widen your business’s reach, get more likes, and build your customer base.

Looking for more ways to boost your company’s revenue? Explore more business topics on our blog.

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