7 Simple Ways To Keep Your Home Safe and Secure

It is an unfortunate fact that burglaries happen on a regular basis. If an intruder gets into your private living space, you will probably feel violated and may begin to feel anxious and unsafe in your own home. Your house should be your haven, so it’s important to take home security seriously. Luckily, there are plenty of security measures that can be put in place to help protect your home and family. Here are 7 simple things you can do to help create a safe and secure home.

1. Install a home security system

Research has found that burglars are much less likely to attack a home that has visible home security systems in place. In one study conducted by the University of North Carolina (UNC) Charlotte, over 60% of convicted burglars said that a visible home alarm would cause them to look for an alternative home target. There is a huge variety of home security systems available – from motion sensors to monitored and wireless alarm systems. You can find some of the best WA security systems here.

2. Increase security with cameras

Burglars don’t want to be seen, and they definitely don’t want to be recorded so security cameras can be one of the most effective ways to deter burglars from targeting your home. Cameras can also be effective in stopping crimes in progress. Thanks to advancements in home surveillance technology, you can set up security cameras to alert you instantly if there is an intruder in your home. You are then able to contact the police and take immediate action to stop the crime. This also helps to increase your chances of identifying and catching the intruder. Home security cameras now come with a number of additional high-tech features including motion detection and night vision.

3. Maintain secure doors

Research has found that over 30% of burglars break into a property through the front door. It is therefore extremely important to ensure that all doors to your home are secure. Inspect doors regularly to look for signs of wear and damage. You should also consider enhancing door security through improvements like installing a strike plate and deadbolt and adding a video doorbell or peephole. Always keep in mind that many burglars are opportunistic, so you must keep doors and windows locked whenever you leave your home, even if it is only for a few minutes.

4. Always lock windows

Many burglars enter properties through windows or other openings without using force. To help prevent this from happening, you should carry out maintenance on all windows and replace them when they become old or worn. You can make your windows even more secure by adding alarm sensors and window bars. It is also worth getting into the habit of closing your blinds and curtains, especially when you are not at home. This will prevent burglars from seeing into your home and identifying if there is anything valuable or worth stealing. It also stops criminals from knowing if your home is unoccupied.

5. Illuminate your home exterior

Exterior security lights have been found to be another effective burglar deterrent. They can also help you feel safer when you get in later or approach your property when it is dark. Place lights in your front and back yards and near the garage to help make your property more secure and safe. You can make your outdoor security lights even more effective by installing lights with motion sensors or timers and opting for more energy-efficient solar lights.

6. Make sure your garage is secure

Garage doors are becoming a popular target and entry point for burglars. It is likely that you will have lots of items and equipment stored in the garage. So even if burglars don’t actually enter your house, they may still steal expensive items. Make sure that you always lock both the interior and exterior doors of your garage. You can further enhance your garage security by upgrading to a smart garage door opener, covering or frosting windows to hide what is stored inside, and securing all doors with additional locks.

7. Finally – get covered

These tips will certainly help to improve your home security, but nothing can completely safeguard you from burglaries. It is therefore extremely important to make sure your insurance is up to date and offers the best level of protection to cover your belongings. It is also a good idea to keep a full record of your valuable items – taking pictures is even better. and try to use a Radon gas detector device. This will help to speed up the claims process in the unfortunate circumstance that your belongings are stolen.

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