7 Skincare + Makeup Tricks to Treat Oily Eyelids

Don’t stress if you have oily eyelids. We’re here to help with these seven need-to-know skincare and makeup tricks. You’ll have clear eyelids in no time!

In terms of things to worry about in our daily lives, oily eyelids can seem like a minor one. But if oily eyelids are something you deal with regularly, and it makes you feel uncomfortable, you may not take it so lightly.

Oily eyelids can be annoying!

Several factors, namely hormonal imbalances, overworked meibomian glands, environmental causes, and the use of specific makeup and skincare products, can all cause oily eyelids.

And if you have sensitive skin, forget it — slick eyelids are likely one of several other unwelcome skin issues!

Don’t stress if you have oily eyelids. We’re here to help with these seven need-to-know skincare and makeup tricks.


1. Wash Eyelids With Baby Shampoo

That’s right — not just any cleanser will cut it when you have oily eyelids. You want to avoid anything containing harsh irritants that can make your eyelids even more oily or excessively dry.

Baby shampoo is made for the most delicate of skin. They’re often free of fragrance and harsh chemicals, and they won’t cause tears (sounds kind of perfect for eyelids, right?)

Here are the best baby shampoos of 2020, according to Babylist. Choose one that sounds right for your skin and use it to gently wash your eyelids before bed.


2. Watch Out Which Products You Use

You may have oily eyelids, but you still have to moisturize the rest of your face.

And what you use to hydrate your skin could be contributing to your greasy eyelids.

Using an excessive amount of eye cream on the under-eye skin and below your browline can easily make your eyelids look greasy.

Avoid products like petroleum jelly on the skin below your eyes, even if you think it helps reduce puffiness.

Instead, use a lighter eye cream made without mineral oil and dab it gently onto under-eye skin and below your eyebrow line.

If you still wake up with oily lids, grab the baby shampoo, and carefully rewash those eyelids again!


3. Remove Makeup With Gentle Cotton Pads

Oily eyelids are the result of sensitive skin in need of special TLC. Do not use harsh makeup-remover wipes on your oily eyelids, as that will likely exacerbate the issue.

Instead, try these bamboo cotton makeup removers. They are perfectly sized to wash away makeup at the end of the day, removing dirt and bacteria along the way.

They’re also zero waste — you can wash, dry, and reuse them as often as you like. Since they come with a holder and travel bag, it’s simple to store and bring them with you when you’re on the go.

After all, we still have to manage oily eyelids on weekend trips and lengthy vacays!


4. Try a Weekly Eyelid Detoxifying Cleanse

“An eyelid cleanse?” you rightly ask.


Make a gentle cleansing oil to detoxify eyelids, and apply it weekly. It may seem counterintuitive to add oil to your eyelids to reduce oil production, but trust us, it works.

All you need is a small jar or bottle and a few drops each of jojoba seed oil, grapeseed oil, and tea tree oil.

Use the cotton pads to gently wipe a small amount of the oil mix back and forth across your eyelids before rinsing away any excess oil and allowing it to air dry. You’ll notice that your eyelids are cleaner and less oily after the first use, as you have both cleansed and nourished your sensitive eyelid skin.


5. Prep Peepers With Primers

If a primer specifically designed for your eyelids sounds silly, hear us out.

Just as regular primer evens your skin’s texture to allow for a smooth application of liquid concealer, foundation, and powders, so eyelid primer does for your eyelids.

If you have a trusted makeup brand, odds are they make an eyelid primer. Simply rub a small amount on each eyelid before applying eyeshadow, finishing powder, or browline highlighter.

Beauty bonus: Eyelid primer can also prevent eyeshadow from shifting and collecting in your eyelid creases! It’s an all-around winner for your appearance.


6. Add Powder Throughout the Day

A good face powder is the friend you should carry with you wherever you go. It’s a reliable choice for setting your makeup and mattifying your complexion.

Use a powder that is specifically developed for oily skin, and brush a bit across your eyelids periodically throughout the day to sop up some of that sneaky grease.


7. ALWAYS Wash Hands Before Touching Eyes!

This one probably goes without saying, and yet it cannot be understated.

Always wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly before touching your eyes and eyelids, including before you do any of the above steps.

You’ve already determined you potentially have sensitive skin afflicted by excess oil production. Don’t make things worse by clogging your pores with dirt, grime, and bacteria due to unwashed hands.

Poking around your eyes with dirty hands can actually cause your eyelid glands to increase oil production. And that’s if you’re lucky! You can also give yourself a nasty style if you’re not vigilant.



Fresh, dewy eyelids can be a beautiful thing. But if your eyelids have more of a greasy look than a shimmery glow, you may have to do something about that.

If you have a medical issue that causes oily eyelids (such as blepharitis and meibomianitis), consult a dermatologist. Otherwise, these simple skincare and makeup tricks can help.

For easy, daily skincare fixes, bookmark these seven need-to-know tips. That way, you’ll have the proper tools to banish the oil and look like the pristine queen you are.

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