7 Sneaky Tricks to Make Your Living Room Look Expensive

You might not have the funds to make your living room look like it came from a designer’s Instagram, but you can still make it look posh and expensive, without spending a lot of cash. Read on for 7 sneaky tips that designers swear by to make any room look expensive.

  1. Accentuate with Curtains. Purchase curtains that are long enough for your windows and preferably that reach the floor, depending on your window design. Measure carefully before you buy to ensure that the curtains will fit because too-short curtains will cheapen the overall effect of the room. Whilst curtains can be pricey, you can avoid spending a ton of money by sewing your own or hiring a tailor to sew them for you. And when you hang your curtains, keep your curtain rods close to the ceiling. It creates the optical illusion of actually having tall ceilings.
  2. Texture, texture, texture! The mismatched, layered texture is luxe and is the secret to those perfect Instagrams. Combine woods, fabrics, rugs, glass, and even metals to unify a room with a fun array of accessories and pops of colour. The texture isn’t just for your eyes; it’s also appealing to touch as well. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a variety of textures either. I’ve draped a faux sheepskin rug over my linen couch which adds textures and saves it from stains. And my throw pillows all have removable covers so I can buy them in a variety of materials, like velvet and linen. Even electronics can add to your textures: high quality LCD and LED screens could be offset by the natural textures of your plant collection.
  3. Buy slowly instead of all at once. This way you can pick exactly what you’re looking for, instead of buying something you don’t love just to fill up space. You want to be sure that you absolutely love what you’re bringing home, and buying slowly will help you create a living room you love.
  4. Incorporate antiques and vintage pieces. While you’re slowly furnishing your living room, check out antique shops and thrift stores. Not only can you find unique, one of a kind pieces that look lux, but often you can find genuinely expensive pieces for cheap.
  5. Add in color, or keep it all white. Dramatic hues like jewel tones can add a sense of depth to a room. At the same time, painting the walls white can open up space and really bring a feeling of modernness. In the end, it all comes down to your style and tastes, just make sure you choose the right types of paint for your wall. You’ll want that perfect gloss-to-matte ratio.
  6. Pretty flora. Adding fresh flowers to any room is a simple way to mix it up and make it look more expensive than it is. Buy a couple of grocery store bouquets and find a unique vase from a thrift store and you’ll have a unique arrangement that really adds a pop of color and texture to any space.
  7. Lastly, keeping your living room tidy and organized so that the space really shines is the cheapest way of all to make it look expensive. Find a home for any clutter, and use baskets to keep track of any accessories that you need, like TV remotes.

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