7 Techniques to Help a Person Suffering from Depression

The following are seven ways to help a person who is suffering from depression.


  1. Providing the company will help distract any depressive thoughts. You should encourage the individual to talk to you, and you, in turn, should listen attentively. Help that person to develop more social contacts and involve them in your daily activities. Establish an effective role in helping them. Try not to reprimand them. You should remind that person of the realities of life, but also offer encouragement. You should seek professional advice if you find that this is becoming too difficult for you.
  2. A very important part of the recovery process is helping the patient to find treatment. The depression inpatient treatment should be continued until the symptoms have improved. If you do not see any improvement after a certain type of treatment, it is best to try another kind.
  3. Another thing that can speed up the recovery of the patient is emotional support. You must display patience, understanding, encouragement, and affection. Nevertheless, make sure that you do not demand too much from them. Doing so could cause them to lapse back into depression.
  4. If the patient seems to be lapsing back into depression, there could be changes that indicate an increase in the levels of depression. The best way to help someone who is depressed is to encourage them to continue seeking treatment.
  5.  Someone who is depressed appreciates your help, although they may not say so. This is why you should not distance yourself from the individual as it could cause them to feel isolated and cause disintegration in their social system.
  6. You must try to motivate the patient; this will help reduce feelings of hopelessness. Often people suffering from depression find it hard to visit with a therapist and follow a set routine. You should try to help the person make lifestyle changes such as eating healthier foods or developing an exercise routine.
  7. It might be necessary to accompany the patient in his/her therapy sessions in order to help them maintain a routine.
  8. Depression therapy from a psychiatrist/psychologist is important. It will help the patient to understand where their psychological problems are coming from, and also help them to resolve these problems. A psychiatrist or psychologist knows which kind of therapy will be effective in helping the individual.


Finally, a good tip is to ask the person suffering from depression what they would enjoy doing. Maybe you could do things that make you happy or that make you laugh. Even if it is only for a short while, it will go a long way in helping them.

Once again, remember that it is possible for people to recover from depression. In addition, they go on to lead happy worthwhile lives. Do not be afraid to seek help. To know more about depression and if you or a loved one may have it, click here:

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