7 Things You Should Not Do with Shoe Storage Cabinets

So, you have just got a magnificent shoe cabinet for your house! Perfect! Now, you need to follow some instructions so that you don’t end up not availing of all the benefits that it offers. Whether you have a shoe rack or a massive shoe cabinet, expect a lot of advantages. You are destined to make your house more organized. We often struggle to store our shoes, specifically, we fail to find an appropriate place to keep all our shoes. Thanks to shoe storage cabinets, now we can manage this problem well.

However, you need to be careful now since you now have the right place to put all your boots and shoes. Make sure not to make it more of a disappointment than a facility. Here are seven important things you should not do with the shoe storage cabinets!

shoe storage cabinets Should Not Do

1. Don’t Rush All Your Shoes Into the Shoe Cabinets

A shoe rack or cabinet offers a lot of storage capacity. You are allowed to store your shoes, but that does not mean that you rush all your shoes into them. It would worsen the situation for you. The idea is to make things more organized, but that will make it even more filthy. Kick the shoes out that you no longer use or require. Place the pair of shoes you love or the ones you are using regularly. Also, place your favorite boots in there to keep them preserved.

2. Do not Place Wet Boots in the Shoe Cabinets

The last thing you need is to place your wet boots into the cabinet. Those who live in snowy conditions often need to walk on the wet roads. Let’s say you had to march towards the grocery store to bring some essential items. While walking on a wet, snowy road, your shoes become wet. Now, would you place them in the shoe cabinet with other shoes? Please, don’t do this!

You will end up making all other shoes wet as well. Also, wet boots will cause damage to the shoe cabinets. Make sure to dry your boots first when you come back. In these modern days, there are several electronic devices and dryers to dry them quickly. Once they are dried up well enough, you are welcome to store them in the cabinet.

3. Never Place a Shoe Over the Other

At times, your shoe cabinet lacks storage capacity. You may have a greater number of shoes while the space inside the cabinet is less. Don’t try placing one shoe over the other to fit them all inside the cabinet. You are likely to damage your shoes as they will lose their shape and beauty. As mentioned above, the idea behind a shoe cabinet is to organize your shoes well. Don’t make it messy by placing one shoe over the other. Find another place for shoes that are of the least importance and leave storage space for more important ones.

4. Avoid Place Your Shoe Cabinet in the Living Room or Bedroom

Well, you may like to place your shoe cabinet in your bedroom or perhaps your living room. However, the hallway is the ideal place for shoe racks or cabinets. Remember you wear your shoes when you leave your house, and they are likely to get dirty due to poor circumstances outside. So, don’t drag them inside your bedroom. This will make your entire house dirty. When it is placed in the hallway, you would take your shoes off store them right there, and step inside barefoot.

5. Be Careful to Store Things Other than Shoes

Your shoe storage cabinets are supposed to store shoes only. They are designed in a way to be comfortable with shoes placed inside. Don’t think these are storage units where you can adjust anything you want. Don’t place your accessories, books, or things you don’t want to see around you in these cabinets. Just organize your shoes in them; that’s it!

6. Never Leave it Uncleaned

Never leave your shoe cabinets uncleaned. Remember, they are easy to maintain if you clean them regularly. Once you stop cleaning them weekly or biweekly, they will be damaged quickly. This requires minimal effort to get them cleaned up. Just wipe it once with a dry piece of cloth. Remove the dust carried by your boots. However, do it daily or weekly basis to keep it well-maintained.

7. Try to Make it a Habit

Once you get your shoe cabinet, make it a habit to store your shoes whenever you step inside your house. Several people just do that in the beginning and then just leave it. Make it your habit so that you can do so for a long time. This is a trend that should continue!

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