7 Things You’ll Want To Know About A Standby Generator Before Having One

Owning a standby generator can be a good way to ensure protection for your power supply. If you are operating a business, and need a guarantee that your power supply will not be cut off and interfere with daily transactions. Or if you need an extra power supply for your home, then a standby generator can be a great idea. However, there are things you need to consider before purchasing one. It is not as straightforward as you would like to believe.

Standby Generator

Knowing this, you are advised to educate yourself before purchasing one, and setting it up. This quick guide can help you figure out if you need one, what to look for, and why standby generators are used. With the obvious reason out of the way, a need for a backup source of power in the event your primary supply is inoperational or unavailable, you will be walked through the other purposes.

The need for protected power is paramount, in many cases, and for small or large companies, scrambling for a solution can waste valuable time. That is why it is important to know this information if you are considering purchasing a standby generator.

The Purpose of the Standby Generator

So, as with the introduction, you need to assess your situation. Is your generator just not good enough? Are you using it for residential purposes? Is it a commercial need? These are all things you are going to want to know, as they can help determine things like pricing, size, and power output. Realistically, a standby generator can be for anything, but you should note how well your current generator operates if it is a good decision to get a standby one to support it.


As it is on everyone’s minds, the cost is always something to consider. Your fuel type can affect how much the standby generator is going to cost. Consider natural gas options as one that is less costly than diesel, but may not be the need you have for your generating capabilities. Diesel is always a good choice as well, but these differences do change the cost.

Installation Space

Installation space, or where the standby generator is being placed, is something to consider as well. Some standby generators are larger, which requires them to be situated somewhere in the room. While others can be smaller, for residential use, and placed inside. The changes that can be affected are the ability of the fuel supply to reach the generator properly. Indoor space is obviously at a premium as well. Even larger factories or workplaces need to budget wisely when it comes to how much room they can afford for their generators, especially a standby one. So think carefully about how you are going to include these power sources with the space you have available.

Choosing a Manufacturer

While you might not be as well versed on which manufacturers are reliable with their generator products, it is advisable to do a bit of research on all the possible options available to you. So, when the time comes to purchase one you know exactly what you are looking for. The power supply experts at Ablesales state that purchasing a generator from a reliable manufacturer will not only give you the best deal possible, but it can also guarantee great after-sales care. You will also get to choose from a wide range of options that are from the same manufacturer, allowing you to find one that suits your needs. You must find a generator that you will be comfortable operating.

Fuel Options

Briefly mentioned earlier, the need for fuel choices is important. Diesel and natural gas are two of the most common sources, and they present their advantages. Natural gas is a reliable, but cheap source. Diesel can provide you with enough power generation for larger supplies, like in commercial settings. For commercial use, standby generators running on gas supplies are required to pass commission testing too.

Maintenance Requirements

These standby generators can be running for long times, which means that they need to be properly maintained. After roughly 200+ hours of run time during a set period, maintenance is important. If you are using this standby generator as a backup source, then the need to keep it working at all times is imperative for the success of its use. Among that, batteries, belts, and other mechanical parts of the generator need to be changed over time as they begin to wear down.

The overall maintenance of this generator is integral to having that source of reliable energy if standby power is needed. Some of those parts are not needed to be fixed for a while though, as your standby generator is not going to be the primary source of power for your home or business.

Parallel or Secondary to Backup Options

While a backup is good, some people like to be extra prepared and have a generator running as the standby to the secondary generator. This is not required at all times, it is merely a very useful preventative process, but it does make sense depending on the specific requirements you have. Being in inclement weather locations, where water or wind damage is regular, can require you to be sure that your power will not go out, even on the standby generator. This is one of those times where having a parallel generator system running can keep you from dealing with the issues of having to find mechanical repairs.

The odds of having maintenance come in and fix your generator during a serious enough storm to cause blackouts is very rare, so being prepared is probably the best thing you can do with backups for your standby generator. Standby generators, as you can now tell, come in a wide range of purposes, sizes, costs, and fuel types. 

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All of these differences add up to a total of providing peace of mind and the necessary power supply for any need. With any uncertainty, it is good to be prepared to avoid any possible disruption to your way of life, for residential needs or commercial. Standby generators are that solution.

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  1. It’s great to know that there are standby generator models that are small enough for home use. I wanted to make sure that our devices at home can be used even during outages so our work and studying won’t be interrupted. Now that I know that there are models made for these applications, I’ll look for an electrician in the area that can help me install one for my house.

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