7 Tips for Creating Your Minimalist Dream Kitchen

Simplifying your kitchen will significantly simplify your life, as the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your house. Just think about how many times we eat or drink something a day, or are preparing for the next time we’ll have a meal, or how many times we make coffee or tea for guests.

There are many ways to create your minimalist dream kitchen, and it’s easier than you might think.

A minimalist kitchen will not only be more attractive and calming, but it will save you time when prepping food. No more avalanches of plastic containers every time you open a cupboard!

Let’s look at how we do it so that you can simplify and beautify your kitchen.

1- Choose small appliances carefully

There are many small appliances you could own but choose carefully. You probably don’t need a blender, juicer, bread maker, microwave, toaster, mixer, popcorn popper, or a toaster oven.

Choose what you need that suits your lifestyle. If you are a coffee lover, your Uno Casa or other coffee maker is going to be a keeper. However, if you are on a mission to eat more home-cooked and healthy meals, you may want to ditch the microwave.

Keep what you need and get rid of the rest. For those appliances that you really can’t do without (the ice cream maker, perhaps?), there’s always the back of a cupboard.

Limit the appliances on your countertops for a minimalist kitchen.

2- Limit the number of pots and pans

You probably don’t need two sets of pots and pans. Many of us hang onto those old pots and pans that we’ve had since our college days, when in fact, our new set of 6 or 7 pans will do the trick.

Keep one of each size, and get rid of the rest. If you like to bake, keep a few cookie sheets – but you probably don’t need 5 or 6 different sizes!

3- Lighten up on kitchen utensils and gadgets

Do you need a citrus peeler? How many times have you used the Apple Corer?

Many gadgets are more attractive than actually useful, so pare these down as much as you can. Look at what you use and ditch the rest.

Look at doubles: how many slotted spoons do you need? Answer: One!

All you need is a spatula, a slotted spoon, a solid spoon, some mixing and serving utensils, a wire whisk, and some knives.

4- Limit yourself to one set of dishes

Do you need the ‘fancy set’ of dishes for when a company comes? Wouldn’t you rather have one set of dishes that you love and use every day?

A minimalist kitchen is one without several sets of dishes. The more dishes, the more clutter. Yes, this may mean washing up more frequently, but the rewards will be big ones: the more minimalist your kitchen, the calmer you will feel when you’re in there.

Keep a good set for every day with the number of place settings for your household, plus a few extras for guests. That’s it!

5- Clear counters bring a clear mind

Keeping your counters clear is probably one of the most critical components and one of the easiest ways to achieve minimalism in your kitchen (or in any other room, for that matter).

You can keep your counters clear with as little as five minutes a day of effort.

6- Don’t keep too much food at one time

It can be tempting to stuff our cupboards full of food for those ‘just in case’ times, but those times tend never to come. Of course, you don’t want to have to shop every day, but you shouldn’t need more than a month’s worth of dry goods at any one time.

Organize your cupboards so that you can find what you need when you need them. You can organize food by categories, e.g., baking goods, pasta, canned goods, spices, etc. Look at ways to maximize space inside your cupboards with extra shelving or under-shelf hooks.

And go through those plastic containers and throw some away! Keep a few different sizes of each type, and donate or ditch the rest.

7- Remember the magic of space between items

Leave space between things in your cupboards. Leaving space gives a sense of freedom and calm, so don’t jam your cabinets and drawers full of stuff.

Use the idea of space with anything that finds its way onto your countertop. While you want to have as few items as possible, leave room between these items to create a sense of peace.

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