7 Tips for Hosting a Game Day Party at Your Home

Sporting events can be easier to enjoy if you can make a party out of it. Here are tips for hosting a game day party at your home for the first time.

The NBA is set to return before the end of July. If you want to make a truly special day of its return, you should host a game day party.

Depending on your area’s quarantine status, you may or may not be able to meet with your friends. Either way, we can help you throw an amazing party to celebrate your favorite sport’s return!

In this guide, we’ll give you vital tips to help you host the best game day party you’ve ever had. Prepare for snacks, sports, and a lot of fun!

Ready to find out more and get planning? Then keep reading!

1- Create a Game Day Party Space

    The very first step when planning a game day party is to create a space in your home where you can host the party. You need to have enough seating for all your guests to have a good view of the TV.

    We’d recommend setting up this space in your lounge. Arrange the couches and chairs so that everyone can have a good view. If you’ve not got enough seating, pull in chairs from other rooms or outdoors (remember to wash them first).

    If children are going to be at your party and you don’t have enough chairs, they should still be able to get a good view sitting on the floor.

    In the same space, put out a table with a wide range of snacks and finger foods on it. This buffet is perfect for eating during the game. Don’t put anything too messy or that you need to eat with cutlery; you can have a full meal afterward, instead.

    2- Plan Your Food

      We talked about food a little before. Are you looking for party food inspiration? We can help you out.

      Finger food doesn’t have to be boring! Why not make some fried chicken or twists on traditional sandwiches like brie and pesto sandwiches?

      Other firm favorites for a game day party include potato chips, peanuts, pizza rolls, cupcakes, pickles, and more.

      When setting out your buffet area, put out a basketball-themed tablecloth, and make some little decorations. These will go a long way to getting your guests in the right mood for basketball!

      You should try and cook well in advance too. If possible, cook food a few days beforehand and freeze it. Where this isn’t possible, try making as much of it the day before as possible.

      3- Decorate Your Space

        Decoration should go beyond your buffet area. If you want to create a real vibe in your place, you need to get people in the mood.

        To do this, you should pull out all the basketball memorabilia that you can find. We’re talking pennants, jerseys, trophies, basketballs, photos, programs, anything that you can find.

        If you’re going to have friends over who are supporting the opposing team, ask them if you can borrow some of their memorabilia. You can put a bit of tape down on the carpet and split the room into those supporting either team. Using your friend’s memorabilia, you can decorate the other side so that they’ll feel at home in your space.

        You should also encourage everyone attending, no matter which side they’re cheering on, to wear jerseys. Make it a party atmosphere!

        4- Alcohol Tips

          Many of us like to have a drink while watching the game. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to alcohol, so what should you buy?

          It’s tempting to grab a few 24-packs of beers and let everyone have at it. Yet this isn’t the best solution. What if people don’t like your chosen beer?

          We’d recommend both stocking up on alcohol yourself and asking others to bring a bottle or some beer with them. As far as choices go, in the hot summer, nothing is better than a crisp light beer. You should also have something heavier like some IPAs on offer for those who don’t like a light beer.

          Liquor is also a great idea, especially with mixers. Grab some white rum or some vodka and make your guests a Cuba Libre!

          5- Organize Entertainment for Quieter Periods

            If the game gets boring, it’s up to you to keep the atmosphere alive. Create a few games with cash prizes and liven things up with wagers. For instance, you could ask one of your opponent’s supporters to do 10 pushups if the player they love misses a shot.

            At any pauses in the game like halftime, pull outboard, or card games to keep your friends occupied. Some great examples include Cards Against Humanity (if kids aren’t around), Poker, Jenga, or Trivial Pursuit.

            6- When the Game Is Over, Set up the Grill

              Looking for a perfect way to round off your game day party? Fire up the grill and get cooking! If the weather’s nice, head out into your backyard and cook up favorites like burgers and ribs on a barbecue.

              If you want to make cleanup easier at this point, use paper plates and plastic cups. No one will mind and cleanup will involve a garbage bag and nothing else.

              7- How to Have a Party Under Quarantine

                If you’re still under quarantine when basketball starts up again, you might think your dreams of a game day party have been quashed by fate.

                Don’t worry – thanks to technology, there are some great ways to have a party with your friends at long-distance.

                One of the best ways to do this is to host a Facebook Watch Party while encouraging people to wear jerseys. This type of video call lets you all watch the game together and allows for plenty of banter.

                For more information on setting up a Facebook Watch Party.

                Have a Great Time!

                We hope that you have a great time at your game day party whether it’s in person or over the internet.

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