7 Tips to Stay Active and Fit Through the Pandemic

The 2020 pandemic took the world by a storm and brought everything to a standstill. People all across the globe were asked to quarantine themselves as each played their part in fighting against the virus. Even though vaccines have become available in most countries, COVID-19 still continues to rise. Posing a significant threat to many, people staying at home have faced difficulty physically and mentally. Staying fit during this pandemic is important as it helps boost your mind and health too. Whether you are a fitness freak or not, adding a fitness routine to your daily schedule is beneficial in the longer run.

People are facing multiple challenges while working from home and limited access to public facilities. It has become difficult to add exercise regimes to their regular schedules. But limited ourselves to work out only at the gym will cause you more harm than good. Training yourself mentally is essential to remain fit and healthy during this pandemic. 


3 Reasons to Exercise During Pandemic

  • Exercise offers long-term and immediate benefits

Whether you are young or old, the most important one can do to improve their health is exercise or any form of physical activity. From moderate to vigorous physical activity, it offers a range of long-term benefits such as it lowers the risk of heart diseases,  increases balance, improves sleep, reduces blood pressure, builds muscle strength, and so much more. The goal is to remain active by adding certain routines to your daily plans.

  • Exercise improves mood and releases stress 

Finding ways to stay motivated and stress-free is the key, and exercise might just be what you need this pandemic. You can take charge of your mental health and gain control of your well-being by adding fitness routines. They help in relieving stress, boosting your mood, and even your overall emotional health during this time of great uncertainty. Some activities that you can include in your schedules are explained in the article below.

Exercise improves mood and releases stress

  • Exercise boosts the immune system

We all know that exercising regularly does not stop you from catching the virus. But it plays an important role in boosting your immune system. For older adults and individuals who suffer from chronic conditions, a simple physical activity such as walking can prove to be beneficial.


Tips to Stay Active and Fit Through the Pandemic

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate physical activity or 75 minutes of vigorous workout per week or even a combination of both. Even though your area may be under lockdown, you can accomplish these simple tasks at home with no special equipment. We have put together some tips that you can implement in your daily during this pandemic. 


  • Exercise with family

Being locked away at home with family is an excellent opportunity to make exercise fun. If your area is not under any lockdown restrictions, consider going for regular walks, a bike ride, living-room yoga sessions and if you have a backyard, your options got even better. Make sure, if you step out of the house, you are well protected with masks, gloves, and a sanitizer. 

  • Walk

Walks is one of the best exercises one can implement in their daily schedule. Add walking to simple activities that may arise at home such as if you get a call. You can walk around your home from one corner to another while you speak instead of sitting down in one place. If you decide to step out to the supermarket, remember to maintain a safe distance from other people in your walk. You can also consider taking a few quick brisk walks around the block just to get some fresh air.

  • Online Exercises

Whether you enjoy Pilates, yoga, cardio, dance, or any other type of workout. There are several online exercise classes available on the internet which are mostly free or found on YouTube. You can find a workout that you prefer and begin with it. If you are new to it, be cautious and aware of your own limitations.

Online Exercises

  • Virtual Fitness Class

If you want to stay fit with the help of a professional trainer, consider supporting your local fitness studio by signing up for some virtual training sessions. These sessions will cost you but if it within your budget, the trainers can customize your schedule, preferences and even help you with a good diet plan. It also opens up the opportunity to interact with other people online who can motivate you in your fitness regime.


  • Challenge Yourself 

Setting goals for yourself in your routines is a great way to motivate yourself. As simple as an exercise for a certain period of time daily. It may not seem much but it is enough to keep you active. You can also try beating your personal session workouts every week. Know your schedule, plan and track your growth accordingly, you might be surprised by how much you have grown since the first day of your routine. 

  • Try something new!

Many people find they are more comfortable trying something new when no one else is watching. You just might find your new passion! Don’t be intimidated to try something new and refine your online search to be more specific to your needs. For example, no matter what type of lifter you are, doing landmine exercises is a fantastic way of incorporating high-value training movements into your routine. 

(7 Tips to Stay Active and Fit Through the Pandemic. Credit: Pexels)

  • Chores 

This may not be your favorite physical activity at home but it is an excellent opportunity to burn calories. You can clean the house, mow the lawn, wash your car, clean the garage and so much more. It also gives you a sense of accomplishment which is needed while being self quarantined.

While exercising, it is important to be safe, start slowly, wear a mask if outdoors, and give your body time and muscles to adapt to any new activity.

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