7 Tricks For Making Your Home Look Luxurious on a Budget

Some luxurious homes that you’ve seen are not actually that expensive to design. The trick with them is that homeowners chose just the right details or furniture pieces to make you believe you’re standing in a home that costs much more than you could invest in it.

If you use those same tricks, you, too, will have a luxurious-looking home without breaking your budget.

1. Abundance of materials

Pillows and throws or various patterns and fabrics fit great into a luxurious style. The more of them you put in the room, the better.

However, you could argue that it also costs to buy them, especially the pillows you really like, and you’re right.

Luckily, there’s a cheaper solution – visit your local fabric store; over there, you could easily find fabrics that are between 60% and 90% of discount. All you have to do then is find an affordable tailor to see your pillows or you can do it on your own if you’re crafty.

If you manage to find a huge piece of fabric, you can make a throw out of it. An oversized throw in a room makes it look more expensive and luxurious.

2. Attractive light fixture

Just one wisely chosen piece in a room can change the whole feel.

That’s the case with a statement light fixture that can be turned into a focal point of the room, adding a significant touch of luxury to the room.

It may cost a lot but it could easily be the only item you’ll have to reach deep into your pocket for.

On the other hand, you can go with a cheaper option and upgrade your existing lights- buy a cylinder lampshade or a drum for them.

3. Accent pieces

You can use great accent pieces to upgrade the look of your room and create a feeling of luxury in it.

For example, you can add a small table in a vibrant color to add interest to the room. Alternatively, the table can have an interesting pattern or be made of an unusual material.

Apart from a table, a chair or two can serve as accent pieces. They should have an unusual profile or a unique upholstery to add luxury. It’s best if the chairs are of a different style from the rest of the furniture pieces.

Another accent piece to introduce into a room is a piece of large furniture. It doesn’t have to be an expensive sofa; you can place a huge bookshelf in the room in vibrant, contrasting colors, for example, and let it work its magic.

4. Kitchen upgrades

When creating a luxury home from scratch, don’t focus just on the living room or dining room. The kitchen is one of the most visited rooms on an everyday basis, so it’s important to make it look sleek and elegant, too.

As the kitchen is full of electrical appliances, it’s very important how they all look. If there’s an appliance that isn’t working properly or looks shabby, you can replace it without breaking the bank – browse for online Wholesale Appliance Supplies to get cheap, but quality replacements. You’ll be surprised how much a new, metallic fridge or elegant black oven can do for the impression of the whole kitchen.

5. Great window treatment

Great draperies can instantly add the feeling of elegance and luxury but under one simple rule – they mustn’t be too short. Otherwise, they will look cheap and fail to create luxury.

So, know the measures of your windows before you visit the store. Alternatively, you can choose a cheap fabric and let the tailor make draperies for you. It’s possible to have beautiful draperies for less than $35.

Curtain rods and brackets can be easily bought in stores like Ikea, where they come in black, which is what you need – unobtrusive and simple.

6. An attractive piece of art

Second-hand shops are usually filled with cool, attention-grabbing oversized pieces of art that could incite conversations and bring a luxury feel to the room.

You can even get creative and create that oversized piece of art on your own – you only need a large canvas easily found in an art supply store, as well as the medium you want to work with.

7. Large rugs

Small rugs make the room look small, too, which is not exactly a sign of luxury.

Large rugs are often less expensive but they create a look of richness and elegance. It also creates a feeling of warmth and coziness, and what’s best, they are usually very durable. Just be patient – soon, you’ll come across a discounted rug that fits perfectly into your home.

Bottom line

A luxurious home is not necessarily a matter of having a lot of money to invest; it’s rather having the creativity to come up with original solutions and knowing which affordable tricks create the same elegant impression.

Consider a couple of the ones you read here and decide which ones will work best for your home.

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