7 Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas for Your Destination Wedding

In recent years, destination weddings have become quite popular. It is an ideal option for couples who love adventures or want to have something unique at their weddings. For this, you can choose an oceanside or a mountain top. In reality, it is a venue away from home for the marriage ceremony. Whatever you decide, the primary concern for you is how to invite friends, relatives, and close people to your destination wedding.

Here are some inimitable ideas for your help:

1. Have an air ticket design

In most cases, the place for a destination wedding is out of the country. It means your guests have to book air tickets to be present at your marriage ceremony. Here, going for air ticket design is the best option for inviting your guests. With this pretty unique idea, you will have a more personalized invitation card and you will help your guests to start preparation earlier. Apart from air ticket design, you can include welcome wedding signs to your invitation cards to greet your guests in advance.

2. Elaborate the map in the invitation card

In your marriage invitation card, you can show the map of the place you have decided on your wedding. Illustrate the map of the chosen place by marking it. Further, you can insert a particular color palette for your marriage if you have already made a selection for it.

3. Stick your message with a bottle

For the invitation of your guests, you can stick a sticker on a bottle. Get custom labels for wine bottles and stick the same on bottles with specific guest names. You can tie the bottle with colorful ribbons and place it with sand and seashells in a box to send to particular guests.

4. Incorporate the design of a suitcase in your invitation cards

Place an order for tiny suitcases. Before sending the same to people, fill them with aeroplanes made of paper. You can print short messages on paper planes. With this, you can make your people feel that you are seriously inviting them to your destination wedding. Or, you can insert the design of an airplane and suitcase on your wedding invitation cards. Don’t forget to mention wedding details, such as date, place, and your & your spouse’s name.

5. Include passport design

For attending an overseas wedding, all your guests will have to keep a passport with them. With a passport design in your wedding invitation cards, you can help remind your invitees to bring their passports while coming to attend your destination wedding. In addition, such a design can help them to get a passport if they haven’t got it. In the passport design invitation card, you can imprint your guests’ names and pictures. You can combine air ticket design with it to make your invitations more personalized.

6. Attach a luggage tag with your wedding invitation cards

Attaching a luggage tag can make your wedding invitations cards more versatile. In the case of no budget constraints, you can affix real luggage tags with the invitation cards before sending them to your guests. Otherwise, clip the top corners of papers and give a design of luggage tags to them. After that, attach the same with your invitation cards. With this, you can make your guests feel how much you care for them while inviting them to your marriage.

7. Use chocolate boxes for your wedding invitation

Avail customized chocolate boxes and insert wedding invitation cards in each of them. Ensure to place a personal note, along with an invitation card inside the chocolate box. The personal note of the card should have all the essential details, like place and date, for your destination wedding. Such invitations will make them able to keep your date remembered and encourage attending your wedding.


Whatever an event is, its success story begins with the invitation. So, for making your destination wedding a unique one, you need to be very careful in designing your invitation cards. Whether you choose an airplane card/passport design, use chocolate boxes or attach luggage tags, your wedding invitation cards must have all the relevant details, including place and date with your & your spouse name. Careful design and inclusion of all the associated things in the invitation cards can help you to seduce your invitees to attend your wedding and keep them safe abroad while being at your wedding venue.

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