7 Ways to Pull Off Loafers with Different Outfits

Being restricted to the regular slippers and sandals has gone on for way too long for men’s shoes. Footwear for men has always been about maintaining the classic sophistication that seems to go so quickly with formal shoes, slippers, etc. However, while this has undoubtedly contributed to the style factor, the versatility factor has been severely lacking. This barely has anything to do with an absence of other varieties in men’s footwear, especially when loafers have been around for a long time and are yet very underappreciated. 

Loafers are slip-on shoes with a rugged look, with no visible closure strings or buckles. They lie somewhere on the semi-casual type on the spectrum and can be worn as formal and casual shoes when styled right. The origin of loafers dates back as far as 1847, and fashion experts worldwide declared it an instant hit. While it has been a popular footwear choice ever since the style and comfort they provide are sometimes highly overshadowed by orthodox footwear options. So, if you are among the people who are yet to explore the various pros of owning loafers, stock up on them already! Here’s a quick style guide to 7 different outfits that you can put together with loafers:

  1. Beach Outfit: Starting from a casual beach outfit, you can pull off a breezy combination with knee-length cargo shorts and a solid t-shirt. Wear a pair of light tan or khaki loafers with this, and layer your t-shirt with a fun, printed shirt. A hat and sunglasses are some extras you can add to enhance this look.
  1. Business Casual: Loafers make for the perfect balance of casual and formal sides to give you a professional look you need for a business gathering. Wear classic brown loafers with pleated trousers and a button-up shirt tucked in. A simple belt that is visible will accessorise the look nicely.
  1. Party Outfit: You can easily pull off a fun, edgy party outfit at your next night out; all you have to do is remember not to shy away from colours! Choose a pair of loafers in colours like red or blue and put them on with your favourite pair of distressed denim. A printed t-shirt and a solid blazer over it, colour coordinated to match your loafers, are the perfect addition to this outfit.
  1. Formal Outfit: Loafers are just sophisticated enough to get away with formal outfits, so put them to use with a pair of monochrome trousers and a blazer. Layer the blazer over a neutral coloured solid shirt and accessorise with a classic watch.
  1. Ethnic Outfit: Any style guide is incomplete without an excellent ethnic suggestion, and here’s another outfit idea to try at the following traditional event you RSVP for. You can never go wrong with a long kurta, paired with pyjamas and an embroidered, multicoloured Nehru jacket to contrast the solid colours of your kurta pyjama. Opt for either coloured loafers or timeless ones like tan brown.
  1. Winter Outfit: It is a commonly accepted fact that winter fashion is a whole new world in itself, and loafers indeed contribute to it. Wear your loafers with a pair of skinny jeans, a sweatshirt and to brush off any extra cold, top it off with a peacoat.
  1. Casual Outfit: Comfortable clothing items like sweatpants are currently all the rage, so it is only fair you wear them with your favourite loafers. Put together a casual lounge outfit that you can wear to have a cosy day out with friends. Style your loafers with solid sweatpants and an oversized hoodie. The oversized clothing with a sleek pair of loafers will give you the perfect balance to flaunt throughout your day.

Adding a few pairs of loafers to your wardrobe is the perfect way to upgrade it, as the various benefits of owning them are never-ending. Not only are they comfortable and stylish, but when bought from authentic sites like Mochi Shoes, they are pretty durable and can endure daily wear and tear. Mochi Shoes is an online footwear store with collections made from high-quality materials. With their excellent price ranges, customer service, and delivery, it’s an offer you cannot refuse. Start shopping!

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