8 Benefits of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

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When buying new cabinets for your kitchen, there are usually three types of cabinets as options. You may install a stock cabinet, semi-custom cabinet, or custom cabinet. What are these different types of cabinets, and why is a custom cabinet the best option for your home?

Stock cabinets: Stock cabinets are the most affordable option. These are off-the-shelf products built ahead of time, based on the dimensions of a standard cabinet. They exclude options for personalization.

Stock cabinets are usually available as ready-to-assemble (RTA) or assembled cabinets. They are the quickest types of cabinets to have installed in your kitchen.

Semi-custom cabinets: These are also built ahead of time but have unfinished elements that you can personalize to make the cabinet unique to your home. The cabinet boxes come in standard sizes, so there is no room for tailoring them to the size and shape of your kitchen.

The features you can customize are usually the finishes and decorative elements. They cost more than stock cabinets.

Custom cabinets: Custom cabinets are built on-site – that is, inside your kitchen. That means you can customize all the features of the cabinet. The product is built to fit the kitchen’s size, use, and design.

The construction of custom cabinets is the most expensive option because of the time, quality materials, and craftsmanship involved.

The benefits of installing custom cabinets in your kitchen

Custom cabinets let you stamp your unique identity on your kitchen space. Installing custom cabinets will benefit you and improve the value of your property in the following ways:

1. Tailor-made design

Tailor made design 1

Choosing custom cabinets for your kitchen will let you enlist the services of a kitchen designer. An experienced kitchen designer will make you aware of cabinet design options that you typically won’t know. That gives you the chance to create a unique kitchen in form and function. Custom cabinets let you maximize the ROI on a kitchen renovation by maximally improving your home’s value.

2. Endless customization options

If you choose custom cabinets for your kitchen, you will have several options. You can change virtually every detail of a custom kitchen cabinet, from colors to wood choice and materials to craftsmanship. Instead of being locked into a kitchen design based on the ideas of a previous owner or building contractor, you can choose what you want for your home.

3. You maximize space

Even though they are cheaper and quicker to install, stock cabinets and semi-custom kitchen cabinets waste your kitchen space. Since they are not made to fit the dimensions of the kitchen, there will inevitably be redundant spaces. But when you use custom cabinets, the cabinet maker takes the measurements of your home to ensure an exact fit.

4. You can maximize the use of the kitchen

Other cabinet options, except for custom cabinets, place the ease of making the cabinet ahead of its usefulness. As a result, semi-custom and stock cabinets have shelf arrangements that do not match how you want to use your kitchen. However, custom cabinet places function ahead of cabinet size, materials, or cost. A custom cabinet ensures that every feature is beneficial and accessible.

5. Custom cabinets accommodate your uniqueness

Whether you are very tall, really short, or physically challenged, you can design custom cabinets to accommodate your uniqueness. The kitchen designer can help to ensure that every feature of the cabinet is where you need it to be.

Tall people don’t have to keep bending all day long. Short people don’t have to climb up on a stool to reach their cabinet shelves.

6. Custom cabinets are highly durable

Custom cabinets are highly durable

Custom cabinets last much longer than stock or semi-custom cabinets due to the quality materials and superior craftsmanship of custom cabinets. Makers of stock and semi-custom cabinets often use cheap materials to cut costs and maximize profits.

Their assembly-line methods don’t always guarantee an end product that will last. But being handcrafted, custom cabinets are highly durable.

7. Superior craftsmanship

The problem with stock and semi-custom cabinets is not always the materials but the manufacturing. The assembly-line method of making these cabinets does not allow the kind of attention to detail needed to make a quality product, especially around shelf and door joints.

The intricate joints for holding a custom cabinet together can only be satisfactory when handcrafted.

8. Custom cabinets help to protect the environment

When ordering a custom cabinet, you have the option to choose eco-friendly components and recycled materials. You can also specify the localities where you want to source those products. Custom cabinets not only let you protect the environment, but you can also promote local businesses.

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