8 Benefits of Having Flowers in Your Home

Flowers in your home bring so much more than a sheer aesthetic appeal. Numerous studies have shown that flowers, whether they are cultivated plants or fresh flowers in a vase, positively impact our health and overall well-being. Flowers are a strong element of nature in your home and here’s in what ways they can affect you.

1. Stress relief

It’s a well-known fact that people who are under a lot of stress often turn to the garden as a tool for relaxation. Flowers scents lower your stress levers, helping you to cope with the tension. There has been a specific study that has shown that flowers reduce stress more successfully than luxury scented candles. So, there’s no need for expensive additions to your home. Instead, you can try bringing chamomile or lavender into your home to help you relax, while rosemary could make your headache disappear.

2. Improve your memory

Certain flowers can boost your memory, making it easier for you to recall certain things. Flowers increase our brains’ performance and make us more productive, so it’s no wonder many offices have plants in them. Moreover, as plants oxygenate the air, they help your brain cells be more active. Flowers actually stimulate your brain when you feel bored and lacking motivation.

Another benefit is that they make you more creative. One study theorizes that certain plants can manufacture chemicals that incite memory and pleasure in our brains. And let’s not forget their smell – the smells are most strongly linked with memories, so flowers can evoke many memories in you every time you smell them.

Improve your memory with flowers

3. Faster healing

There’s a good reason why people bring flowers into a patient’s room. Apart from it being a nice thing to do, flowers could also help the patient heal faster. Hospitals have started including green spaces so that patients could recover more quickly – looking at plants makes them heal faster. Flowers relax us, so it’s no wonder that a relaxed person has a higher chance of getting better fast. Multi-colored daisies, orange carnations, or purple asters will sure help you feel better when you’re feeling low or are trying to recuperate.

One study has also shown that 90 patients who were recovering from a hemorrhoidectomy in a room containing flowers had better results in terms of blood pressure, anxiety, fatigue, and pain issues. Those patients felt more comfortable in their rooms and more positive, which also made them feel more cared for. The result was faster healing.

4. Practical use

Some flowers you keep indoors can also have a highly beneficial practical use, other than reducing stress and purifying the air.

Flowers Practical use

More precisely, rose petals are known to aid with different issues. First of all, if you add 15 fresh rose petals to a glass of boiling water and drink this tea regularly, you’ll manage to lose some pounds. Secondly, according to Ayurveda, rose petals increase a person’s sexual energy in you eat a couple of fresh petals every day. They help you feel revitalized and more energetic. Moreover, rose petals are an excellent aid in treating hemorrhoids because they are rich in fiber and compounds that ease digestion, as well as those that ease the pain. If you add rose petals to a glass of water and crush them in a mortar, then drink it on an empty stomach, you will see improvement in three days.

What’s important with rose petals is that they always need to be fresh. So, the best way to ensure you’ll always have beautiful red roses at home is to simply order them online.

5. Cleaner indoor air

Flowers and indoor plants play a significant role in purifying the air. They detoxify the air we breathe, reducing the pollution inside our homes. More precisely, indoor flowers absorb the toxic gases that get released into our homes through certain products we use inside. You will breathe far much cleaner air if you make sure you have flowers indoors. Consequently, you will be less likely to suffer from respiratory issues, infections, coughs, and even dryness of the skin.

6. Mood booster

You know how everyone instantly makes a big grin when somebody hands them flowers. Flowers naturally put us into a good mood, so it’s great to be surrounded by them in your home. Scientists believe that their effect on us is related to the fact that they represent a part of nature to which we are directly connected. Human beings need contact with nature, so that’s why flowers have such a quick positive effect on us.

Flowers Mood booster

7. Better sleep

Some plants, especially lavender, have long been known as excellent aids in getting quality sleep. People who find it difficult to fall asleep or suffer from insomnia will fall asleep more easily if they sniff lavender in the evening. And it’s not just that – they will also feel more refreshed in the morning. So, if you lack sleep, maybe you should add specific flowers to your home. Before you go to bed, don’t focus on TV or your mobile phone. Instead, spend a couple of minutes smelling the flowers. It will gently calm you and prepare you for the bed.

8. Benefits for the skin

Flowers help you have radiant, healthy skin. They release specific moisture into the environment, which protects your skin from dryness. Lavender may well be the best remedy if you have excessively dry skin. It releases a great deal of moisture into the air, protecting and healing your skin.

All in all

Flowers have always been a part of our homes – they have been brightening up the halls, living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms forever. Their colors, their smell, and their shapes are what make us smile every time we look at them. They boost our mood, clean our air, relieve our tension and beautify our living space.

Stay in touch with nature through them; choose the ones you feel most attached to and make sure they are always present in your home. You will reap the benefits every single day.

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