8 Best Tips To Hiring A Local Tour Guide

It could be tiring trying to find your way in every place you go as a traveler. You don’t get to maximize the fun without some kind of help. With a local guide, you are sure to see, experience, and discover some of the greatest places and views you probably could never have the chance to by yourself.

That is what Hoaloha Jeep Adventures are here for. It may sound like a little luxury to some but it is always worth the while. While hiring a guide, you want to make sure that you get value for your money.

But the worth is not in hiring a local tour guide. The worth is in hiring the best guide you can get. Now that is not easy. But following these tips would save you a great deal:

1- Find Out What the Guide Knows

This includes the geological conditions, local accommodations, restaurants, everything, or at least the most about the history of the area, hospitals or clinics, and police stations, just in case you will need it, what the tourists like, and what they don’t about the place, and pretty much every other thing.

2- Except for Tour guiding, what Else they Can Do For you

You definitely would need to take pictures or photo CDs, follow up with you if need be, and do other things apart from taking you to places. Ask about how they price this too.

3- Flexibility And Comfort

In terms of working hours, find a guide who is flexible and can work long hours or even odd hours like during the night if need be. Must be okay standing and/ or walking for a long time, and doesn’t have some phobias like heights, woods, water, etc.

4- The Tour Guide Tools

Apart from the jeep, or the tour vehicle, what else is he/ she carrying with him? Some essentials include a torch, compasses, maps, a first aid kit, a handy weapon, and such.

5- Experience

You don’t want to waste your money on rogue tour guides. After all, you’re used to finding and enjoying your whole traveling process on your own. Make sure they have the necessary experience; this means they have stayed in the area for quite a good amount of time and have experience in tour guiding.

6- Use Online Resources

Using online resources is a great way to locate a good tour guide. There are multiple apps, platforms, and websites, you can check for reviews. Of course, many great reviews indicate someone you should choose while you should run away from bad-reviewed guides. 

7- Custom Tour Guides

Yes, you don’t want to be treated like all the other tourists they have worked with. Your hours and the way you work might be different from others. Also, a solo traveler would have a different schedule from a family. If this tour guide already has a sort of timetable she/he uses, make sure yours is customized to your requirements.

However, this is not a big issue as most local guides do have fixed timetables and are always flexible to fit clients’ requirements.

8- Trust Your Intuition

No matter how many positive reviews you have read, or how much a guide seems authentic, none of these signs can ever beat your gut. Traveling is great. But it could also be dangerous for solo travelers. And no matter the amount of experience you have as a traveler sometimes naivety kicks in some places.

Think about the many times your guts have saved you. From the way this person approaches you, interacts with you, talks to you, his/ her choice of words, body language, etc, don’t be ignorant. Just trust how you feel about them.

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