8 Debunked Myths About Sex You Should Stop Believing In

Today, sex has become a widely discussed topic. However, even a few decades ago, our parents and grandparents knew little about sex, STDs, pregnancy, and other sex-related things. It was embarrassing to talk about periods or contraception.

Moreover, many people still believe that sex is only for making babies. In order to help you get rid of these old prejudices, we gathered these eight debunked myths about sex you should stop believing in.

1. Sex is always pleasant

Some men think women always feel pleasure and satisfaction during sex. However, this is not true. Everybody is complicated and has its own features. For example, most women have normal lubrication while some women experience a lack of natural lube. In this case, they may experience discomfort and even pain during intercourse.

It is also important to understand that there are a lot of health issues that can also make sex unpleasant. For example, endometriosis attaches pelvic organs to each other frictions may be quite painful, and uterine polyps may protrude through the cervix and cause bleeding.

2. Contraception is optional

Despite the fact that many people use a withdrawal method of contraception, you should know that it can’t be considered effective. If you are not planning to get pregnant in the near future, you should also think about more sufficient contraception.

It is also important to understand that many contraception options don’t protect against sexually transmitted infections. Condoms (both male and female) are the only option that can provide 98 percent protection against STIs. That’s why you should always be aware of the consequences of unprotected sex.

3. If a woman is wet “down there”, she is aroused

Many women have vaginal discharge that cleans the vagina. The amount of these discharges depends on the cycle and the woman’s physiology. This means that some women may become extremely wet without any arousal while others can be completely dry.

Some people confuse these discharges with arousal. However, sex can be quite painful for both partners in the case of insufficient arousal. That’s why foreplay is important for most women.

4. Women don’t suffer from a lack of sex

There is a common belief that women can live without sex for years. Indeed, every person has his or her own preferences and temperament. However, you shouldn’t think that prolonged abstinence doesn’t affect women.

They can also experience vaginismus and weakened pelvic floor muscles. In case of such complications, it is better to visit a gynecologist at Professional Gynecological Services.

A lack of sex can also affect mental health. If a woman who has constant relationships doesn’t have sex for a long period of time, she may feel anxious, stressed, and even depressed. Some women also evaluate their sexuality and attractiveness by the frequency of sexual intercourse.

5. The vagina loosens due to many sexual partners

This scary fairy tale is aimed to make women afraid to change sex partners or avoid treason. However, there is no evidence that can confirm this statement. You should understand that the vagina consists of muscles and tissues that can significantly stretch and shrink. For example, many women don’t experience vaginal loosening after the delivery.

In most cases, the vagina can loosen after several childbirths, if the fetus was too big, or with age. However, there are a lot of procedures and techniques that can help tighten the vagina. In addition, the vagina has the ability to adjust to the size of the penis.

6. Women shouldn’t buy condoms

Due to the fact that most condoms are designed for men, some people still think that it is embarrassing for a woman to buy condoms and offer their partners to use them. The reality is that contraception is for both partners and both of them should think about the consequences.

There is nothing shameful for a woman to buy condoms. On the contrary, it can save her not only from unwanted pregnancy and STIs but also from irresponsible people who think only of their comfort. If your partner refuses to use a condom, it would be better for you to refuse sex with him or her.

7. Pubic hair should be removed

Modern advertising is aimed not to provide a comfortable and convenient environment but to sell as many unnecessary goods as possible. Even a few decades ago, pubic hair wasn’t considered ugly and disgusting. Today the advertising says that if you don’t shave or remove your pubic hair, you are not sexy.

People spend thousands of dollars to make her pubic area smooth and soft. Otherwise, they don’t feel self-confident. Despite the fact that pubic hair can actually contribute to the multiplying of different bacteria, maintaining proper hygiene can help you look and smell normal.

8. Sex and menstruation should be apart

There are a lot of women who refuse to have sex during their periods. However, you should know that sex during menstruation has a lot of benefits. Firstly, sex boosts the production of endorphins. These chemicals not only increase mood but also act as painkillers. Secondly, sex relaxes muscles that also relieves cramps.

If you don’t want to spoil your sheets, you can lay an old towel on the bed and take a shower before intercourse. You can also try to have sex in the shower. In this case, all bloody discharges will be removed with the water.

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