8 Email Management Tools You Should Give a Try

Your inbox is messy. Finding important emails and documents takes you hours. These email management tools can help you fix the mess.

Unemployment and social distancing requirements due to COVID-19 have more Americans working from home than ever before.

For some, regular work became remote. Others started working from home after losing jobs in the crisis. On top of that, many parents suddenly have to give children full-time care on top of full-time jobs and juggle busy home and work schedules.

Whatever the circumstances, the fact remains the same: Workers and parents managing family schedules from home today have more responsibilities than they’re used to.

Email management tools make all the difference in ensuring work-from-home success. You’ll benefit no matter whether you’re managing your own office for the first time, providing your own childcare and family activities, or doing the same thing you’ve always done. Take a look at eight great options.

1- Clear out Your Inbox

No matter how on top of your email you think you are when you open a new account or clean out your inbox, there always comes a point where you find yourself drowning in emails. If you conduct business from home or have a busy work email, this point comes even faster. bails you out as you go along, sending you email alerts (if you sign up for them) and pushing you to delete unread emails and organize your inbox. If a pep talk gets you going, this is a great choice for you.

2- Sorting Emails on an Android Phone

If you’re an Android fan and the clunky Gmail app isn’t doing it for you, you have other options. While Gmail “special stars” is a popular strategy for straightening out Gmail inboxes on desktop, only yellow stars are supported by the Gmail app.

Sorted is an app that lets you avoid that disappointment. The app helps you organize your emails into a series of columns, keeping important messages from falling through the cracks.

It’s a skin for Gmail, so you don’t have to open another app on the desktop. On mobile, whether Android or iPhone, the Sortd app makes organizing emails on the go a cinch.

3- Top Email Management Software for Windows

One of the absolute best email management apps for Windows computers is Mailbird– offering the ultimate in convenience, this software puts your entire life in one place.

Using Mailbird, you can connect not only emails, but also calendars, task apps, and instant messaging. If you lead a hectic life, Mailbird lets you take care of it all from one easy screen. There’s a free version available, so why not give it a try?

4- The Top Email Management Tools for Mac

There’s a lot of debate about what the best email app for Mac is. Different email apps have different purposes, so it’s hard to pinpoint one winner. Here are a few options to get you started:

Old-school Mac users may be tied to the system’s native email app, “Mail.” For default software, it’s pretty good: You can easily link in multiple systems, and the app meets the standards fans expect from Apple software.

Like other preset apps, though, Mail has its limitations. It isn’t the best inbox if you’re looking to sort your messages, and Mac users with Gmail might fare better with specialized software like Kiwi.

Mozilla Thunderbird offers the sorting capabilities Mail lacks, at the cost of aesthetics. No need to fix what isn’t broken—If you like your software bare-bones utilitarian, Thunderbird is for you.

5- Organize Emails for Your Business

A great email management option for individuals running businesses is Infusionsoft. This email management tool is optimized for business, with a built-in mailing list organizer. It allows you to collect clients’ emails, and track, and tag important communications.

Whether you use it on its own or combine it with another email management app, Infusionsoft improves your business’ efficiency.

6- Keep Track of Multiple Gmail Accounts

Anybody with multiple Gmail accounts knows the pain of logging in and out again, opening multiple browsers, or opening incognito tabs so that you can be in two inboxes at once.

Checker Plus keeps you up to date on all of your Gmail accounts with real-time notifications, and it’s free. The only catch is that it’s a Chrome extension, so Firefox and Edge users are out of luck.

7- If You Use This App, Then Productivity Skyrockets

The app IFTTT, “If This Then That,” lets users make automatic chains of events. Using “if this, then that” statements, the app allows you to automate all kinds of tedious processes.

You can automate uploads to Dropbox, automatically schedule reminders, and even auto-create playlists on Spotify using IFTTT. By automating the things that usually take you hours, you free up time for more important work and fun things.

8- Google Tries Again

If you’re a Gmail user, one of the reasons you’re here is that you’re not satisfied with Google’s own Gmail app. The interface is ugly, clunky, and overall could be a lot more useful.

Google realized this and took action. Instead of trying to tweak Gmail to perfection, they created Google Inbox.

The recent app offers new solutions to old problems. Rather than leaving you to lose control of your messages, Inbox starts you off on the right foot by treating emails as tasks that you can schedule, snooze, and be reminded of.

Inbox is available on Android, iOS, and the web, but you have to install the mobile app before you can access it in your browser.

Tips for the Lifestyle You Want

With these eight email management tools in your pocket, you can take charge of your digital life.

Whether running your own business, doing freelance jobs, or working for an employer, this software gives you a boost up the ladder to success. Even if you aren’t employed, managing family schedules and social lives becomes easier with the right email management system.

Once you take care of business in your inbox, check out some other articles on our site. Our work and life articles have all the information you need to live your best life.

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