8 Essential Benefits of a Pediatric Chiropractor

Children and infants can benefit from the practice of chiropractors. Here are 8 benefits of seeing a pediatric chiropractor.

You’ve been feeling pretty sore after working behind a desk all week. You make an appointment with the chiropractor to get fixed up. Many adults do the same throughout the week.

It’s a good way to stop stress and heal random aches and pains. Did you know that a child can reap the same benefits by seeing a pediatric chiropractor?

A trained professional can help ease symptoms of colic in babies, stop ear infections, help the child sleep, and even improve their behavior.

These aren’t the only benefits that a child chiropractor can provide. Check out this guide for a complete list of reasons why you should book an appointment for your little one.

1- Eases Colic Pain

Colitis is a condition that causes infants to have uncontrollable crying fits for hours during the week. Sometimes the baby will flail its little arms and legs around while it cries.

Their face will flush, they will arch their back, and it sounds like they’re in a lot of pain. It’s a heartbreaking situation to see your infant in but a baby chiropractor can help.

The chiropractor will gently correct any misalignments in your little one’s spine. This will help remove any pressure on their nervous system and relieve some of their colic symptoms.

2- Could Stop Ear Infections

If your child is tugging at their ear, has a fever, has fluid coming out of their ear, or is crying often and uncontrollably, they might have an ear infection. Anyone can suffer from one but children seem to be more vulnerable to them.

Children are rambunctious. If they injure their spinal cord, even if it’s only a little, it could cause a disconnection between the brain and ear.

This might result in an ear infection. A chiropractor can correct the infection by restoring the connection between the two organs. We will say that not a lot of long-term studies have been made on the effectiveness of this treatment option.

3- Breastfeeding

As soon as you realized you were pregnant you decided that you wanted to breastfeed your baby. Your little bundle of joy had other plans. No matter what you or the doctors try, your infant just can’t seem to latch on.

This is a common problem that is sometimes caused by biomedical spine injuries. A chiropractor can correct these injuries so the baby can breastfeed like normal.

4- Constipation

Between potty training and dietary changes, it’s not unheard of for children to suffer from constipation. Most of the time this problem can be solved by switching the child over to a more fiber-enriched diet and making them drink more water.

In extreme cases, you might have to try giving them a laxative. If the problem isn’t solved, your child might start experiencing extreme side effects such as fever, a swollen stomach, pain during bowel movements, weight loss, and loss of appetite.

One of the main causes of constipation in children is a misaligned spine. It disrupts the nervous system and over time tampers with their intestinal function as well.

A chiropractor can correct this misalignment and get the nervous system back on track.

5- Improved Sleep

Stress, tension, and bodily dysfunction are all a recipe for insomnia. Chiropractic adjustment can help relieve stress in an adult’s body and it works for children as well.

A good night’s sleep isn’t only essential for your child to get through their day. They need it for their emotional wellbeing as well. Think about how cranky you get when you don’t get your 8-hours.

So, a trip to the chiropractor will help your child sleep and it could stop any behavioral issues you’re experiencing with them as well.

6- Bedwetting

You’re at the end of your rope. You’ve had to wash your child’s sheets three times this week due to bedwetting. This is a common issue in children of all ages that can be solved with chiropractic for kids.

There are a variety of reasons why a child might be wetting the bed. One of them is behavioral problems. Another is because their nervous system isn’t functioning like normal.

The chiropractor will make gentle adjustments that will both ease their mood and get their nervous system working as it should be.

7- Immune System Support 

Your child’s immune system is still not quite mature yet. This makes them vulnerable to a great number of illnesses. Any misalignment that interferes with their neurological system can affect their immune health as well.

Getting the misalignment dealt with will give them a boost of immunity. It can even help a child who has already come down with a cold.

8- Brain Development

Chiropractic adjustment can increase your child’s brain development by easing pressure in their joints, bones, and spine. Once they’ve received treatment, they’ll be able to concentrate better.

It also calms hyperactivity and improves focus. This makes it a great treatment option for children with ADHD.

Take Your Child to a Pediatric Chiropractor

Has your child been wetting the bed more than normal? Are they acting out or experiencing insomnia? Are they suffering from colic?

If your answer to any of the questions above is yes, they might be able to benefit from going to a pediatric chiropractor. Kids can get adjustments done the same as adults.

When performed by a professional, the procedure is safe and can even give your child a boost to their immune system. Make the appointment today.

Chiropractic treatment isn’t the only way to solve your child’s health issues. Check out our blog daily for all the latest wellness advice.

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