8 Essential Documents To Take With You When Moving Abroad

Moving to another country can be both an arduous and exciting experience. Not only are you moving your family and possessions thousands of miles across the country, but you’ll also have to deal with a heap of paperwork and red tape.

To make such a move effortless, you must take along all the important documentation with you.

8 Essential Documents To Take With You When Moving Abroad

1. Passport

An official government-issued passport is a pre-requisite when moving abroad, in fact, it is the single most essential document you’ll need. Most countries don’t give travelers access to the country without a passport.

2. Visa

Besides a passport, you will require a visa as well. This document permits travelers to stay in a specific country for a particular reason for a certain amount of time. The visa is issued and authorized by the country in question where you want to live, work, or visit. There are typically three types of visas:

  • Short-stay visa
  • Residence visa
  • Tourist visa

3. Work Permit

While a visa grants you access to the country, it does not allow you to work. Numerous countries necessitate you to apply for an official work permit if you are seeking employment in the new country.

Your new employer can assist you with obtaining a work permit or advise you on what you need to do.

4. Birth Certificate

It is vital to keep all your important documents with you when relocating. A birth certificate and several official copies are required since this identifies your name, birthday, gender, birthplace, and parents.

5. Medical Records

Whether you are relocating overseas for a prolonged period or only a short while, you will be requiring medical records, since you don’t know when illness will unexpectedly strike. Once Chandler Movers has assisted you with moving abroad, we suggest establishing a physician as soon as you can.

Besides including copies of your medical records, also pack immunization records for the entire family. This may be required for employment and enlisting your children in a new school abroad.

6. School Records

Be sure to make copies of your children’s school records when moving abroad. This is essential when you’re having school-age children. These typically include transcripts with test scores and grades. Also take any letters, recommendations, teacher notes, and immunization records.

7. Social Security Cards

Copies of your nine-digit social security cards issued by the US government must be kept in a secure place during traveling.

8. Marriage Certificate

A marriage certificate which is your official record of being legally married is essential for tax purposes, changing your last name, and providing proof of your marital relationship. When you are relocating abroad, do not forget to take your marriage certificate.

Make sure you take along all copies. Whether you need to pay taxes in a new country, change citizenship, or make any other legal changes, this document proves to be extremely handy, therefore always keep it in a safe location.

Other Essential Documents To Take Along When Relocating To Another Country:

  • Power of attorney
  • Driver’s license
  • Dental records
  • Health insurance card
  • Child custody paperwork
  • Tax records
  • Insurance documentation
  • Divorce papers
  • Pet vaccination paperwork
  • Adoption documentation
  • Living will

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