8 Essentials Every Beauty Beginner Needs In Their Makeup Bag

There is no need to rummage through your bag looking for a specific item for half an hour. Looking for makeup does not need to be a tireless job that leaves your hand smudged with products. That is especially important if you are a makeup beginner.

Only a small number of things are essential and their use can come a long way and can be quite effective. As a plus, your bag will also be much tidier. These eight items are perfect for touch-ups if you have a weekend getaway and need something to freshen up, without being a moving closet full of makeup.

Moisturizer And Primer

The first thing that one would need is something that will prepare the skin for makeup. So moisturizer is the number one thing to have in the bag. That is especially important in case the user has very dry skin. It should be combined with a face primer that hydrates and brightens the skin and keeps it fresh. A combination of these things will help your makeup stay on the face the whole day.

Counselor And Foundation

If you are a beginner, and you would like to eliminate the option of having a caked-on foundation, you should add a counselor to your kit. There are formulas out there that not only camouflage imperfections but allow you to use less foundation too. Which brings us to the foundation it should be paired with. Some can last for 24 hours and make such illusions that the people around you will not be sure if you are wearing makeup at all.

Pencil And Powder

One of the most important things on your face is the eyebrows. Not only beginners but professionals as well, just have to have eyebrow powders and pencils that are used just for that with them in the bag. Pencils are great when it comes to sculpting those perfect eyebrow arches, while powders are good to set them. There are different colors to choose from but the point is that they are great usually for every skin tone and can be water and smudge-proof.

Liner And Mascara

A winning combination is a liner and mascara. Liners can give you the illusion of thicker fringe and like many other products, there are various brands to choose from. Mascara is excellent if you want to add length to your lashes and a little bit of drama.


A go-to thing to have always with you is a more than versatile nude lipstick for every day. They can complement many skin tones and give a soft feel. A nude lipstick can range from subtle born to dark espresso and is perfect in case you have smoky eyes.

Lipsticks for Beginners

If you have been in the office the whole day and you have a need to go out afterward and spice up your look, red lipstick is the thing to have as a spare. It can draw people’s attention to you and some mixtures can stay on for hours.

A Beauty Blender

The way of applying makeup with your fingers is a thing of the past. if you want to put it up properly you need the right tools that will give you the best effect. Using beauty blenders can effortlessly blend your blush, foundation, or even concealer. It can help you achieve any look that you need from the office to the red carpet. There are many brushes out there that can help even further but are not as practical as a blender to have when on the move.

Highlighter And Blush

There is nothing like a healthy glow and color that is achieved through the means of a blush and highlighter. By using a highlighter, your skin will look refreshed and youthful. it can accent your natural features and yet camouflage dark circles if applied properly. They are excellent products when you want to create a flowing and juicy looking skin, especially when it is a “no makeup”  appearance you want to achieve. As for blush, it can give you that sun-kissed look and make your skin look alive and healthy.

Eyeshadow Palette

If you are experimenting with eyeshadow, it is only natural to have at least one pallet with you. It does not have to be big but to have such a range of colors that suit you. Natural or eccentric, it doesn’t matter as long as it can be applied in a way that has a sense of your lifestyle. Eyeshadow pallet is a vital addition to the makeup bag. They can offer a range of nudes, from bright to dark colors to play with, and even splashes of vibrant colors that can be exciting and energetic.

If you have been experimenting with makeup for years or you are a novice, it is crucial to have a collection of items that are manageable. Having these things in your purse or bag will allow you to create a fast everyday look.

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