8 Mistakes to Avoid When Shipping to Amazon FBA

There are typical errors that you should avoid when selling on Amazon using FBA. Bear in mind that the reviews from your customers would define your reputation in the e-commerce industry, and such a case may put your returns at risk.

One fundamental aspect that you should consider is the mistakes that you should avoid when shipping your items.

Cancellation and delays of shipments are some unavoidable consequences of errors in shipping. If you cannot keep Amazon supplied with your products, a stockout may occur, and that would undoubtedly affect your revenue.

Not only would you suffer some losses, but you may also need to take out money to fix the problems with your shipment.

FBA in a nutshell

What is FBA? Is fulfilled by amazon worth it in 2022? Fulfillment by Amazon is a service wherein online sellers can increase their customer base and profit margins. All you have to do is bring your products to Amazon FBA warehouses or inspection facilities. After that, Amazon will then retrieve, pack, handle, and ship your items to your buyers.

Though Amazon fulfills all these things, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will not make mistakes before FBA. These may include improper labeling of items, violation of guidelines, and many more. Additional tip: you may hire a reputable freight forwarder under Amazon FBA China to guide you about the details you need to know.

FBA in a nutshell

1. Letting your supplier ship your inventory

It’s a poor idea to let your suppliers manage your shipping and logistics. Their main job is to produce stuff. Also, if your supplier picks their freight forwarder, they are covered, not you. Choosing your freight forwarder allows you to obtain personalized service, which would ultimately benefit you.

2. Working with a lousy freight forwarding company

Firms that do not specialize in Amazon FBA freight forwarding may not fit your business needs. Before making a deal, you should check their years of expertise, their clients’ feedback, and whether their offer would be favorable to either you or the both of you. Choosing the right freight forwarder would help shun subsequent mistakes in the long run.

Man inspecting a truck trailer and tires

Your merchandise may be rejected

Amazon adheres to tight regulations. Amazon may reject your goods if your freight forwarder doesn’t know the rules. Worse, they can remove your goods, charge you exorbitant fees, and stop future transactions.

They can get you into legal and financial trouble

A good freight forwarder may save you money and keep you out of trouble. A poor-performing one might not. If they give you improper advice, you might be in danger. Instead of helping you lower your costs, they might give you additional fees to pay.

3. Using an unfitting shipping method

An important aspect of e-commerce platforms is that the products are easily accessible to customers, making the market competitive and fast-paced. Ensuring that your inventory arrives on the dot would help keep your business sustainable. 


The fastest option to get your things is with express delivery. This transportation option is ideal for shipments weighing up to 150 kilograms but not exceeding one cubic meter. Of course, such a short shipping duration comes at a heftier price of around five to nine dollars per kilogram.


  • Faster shipping duration within five days


  • Requires more money
  • Unsuitable for heavy and oversized shipments 


Airfreight is suitable for shipping products that weigh around 150-500 kg and more than two cubic meters. If you need your things to reach Amazon quickly, air freight is generally the best option. But it is more costly.


  • Faster shipping duration (8-10 days from China to the United States) 
  • Relatively quick and appropriate to preventing stockouts


  • Typically costs more than other shipping methods with a general price range of $4-$8 per kilogram

Ocean freight

Ocean freight is often the best choice for products weighing at least two cubic meters. You may also use a container in its whole or share it with another shipper.


  • Flexible shipping options
  • Costs are lower than other methods


  • Longer shipping duration

4. Failing to insure your cargo

Cargo insurance is vital now. In the case of a loss, you’ll want to be paid quickly, and shipping insurance can help. A delivery delay clause in your insurance policy will protect you from situations like these. Keep in mind that you are only covered if the carrier is at fault.

5. Inappropriate labeling and packaging

Inaccurate or poorly written product listings might harm your sales. Correctly applying UPC or Amazon ID stickers ensures that Amazon delivers the right things to the correct customers. Also, use bespoke boxes and packaging materials like air cushions and packing peanuts when delivering to an Amazon fulfillment center to ensure your products’ safety.

If Amazon offers an FBA sticker to you or your supplier, place it next to the carrier label on a flat area of the box, not over any seals. Amazon personnel use box cutters to cut the center seam tape and open parcels. Scannability may be compromised if a worker removes part of the label.

6. Poor inventory management

Mistakes in shipping might arise if you don’t keep a check on your packages. To avoid not knowing when and how much to order again and which warehouse needs refilling right away, keep track of your inventory at all times.

7. Shipping to the wrong fulfillment center

A vital part of effective inventory management is ensuring that the inventory products you sell are delivered to the relevant warehouses. Amazon maintains a global network of fulfillment facilities to serve its customers better.

You must keep track of when and where your inventory is situated to ensure that it gets to the right fulfillment center, whether you ship to Amazon’s fulfillment centers yourself or have a supplier delivery list on your behalf.

8. Violating Amazon rules

Amazon’s rules and guidelines specify prohibited items, including ones for inventory needs like packaging and labeling.  Amazon maintains the right to delete your listing, cancel your selling powers, and terminate your FBA connection. Consistently comply with the firm’s and all relevant laws, regardless of what you ship or who your supplier is.


Mistakes are common occurrences when managing your FBA business. However, they should be kept minimal at all times. Always follow the ins and outs of the e-commerce platform. Keep Amazon supplied with your products while avoiding other issues in shipping to have steadier progress in your enterprise.

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