8 Productive Ways to Use Legal Software

The legal industry is not exactly known for being the most innovative and forward-thinking of all industries. The truth is, there are many places where the legal industry is stuck in the past and has been slow to catch up with modern technology.

Dazychain – Legal Analytics Platform is changing that, though. It has become a vital tool for helping law firms stay productive and organized, and it’s time for you to get on board with this trend.

Here are eight productive ways you can use legal software to help your firm be more efficient and effective:

1. Keep track of deadlines

It’s hard enough to keep track of your own deadlines within your firm, but when you’re working on multiple cases at once, it can feel nearly impossible. You need a way to keep track of all those deadlines across multiple projects, so you don’t miss any important dates or get a bad reputation for failing to meet deadlines.

Legal software can help with this by allowing you to set reminders for yourself so that you never miss an important deadline again.

2. Importing Contacts

Many legal software solutions offer contact management systems. This helps you to stay on top of the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of clients, witnesses, and other people that you need to keep in touch with. You can use these systems to import the information from some of the most popular contact management programs, like Outlook or Gmail contacts.

3. Taking Notes

Legal software can also be used for taking notes on your cases and clients. This is important for staying organized and making sure that all the relevant details are written down somewhere safe and secure. You might also have a system set up so that other attorneys in your firm can access notes on clients or cases when they are needed.

4. Organizing Appointments

It is helpful to have a legal software solution that allows you to manage your schedule. This will make it easier than ever before to see when you are available and when you are not. You may also be able to set up appointment reminders automatically so that you never miss another important event again in the future.

5. Organize your documents

Legal software can help you sort and organize your files in a way that’s easy for you to find what you need when you need it. This is especially helpful when dealing with clients’ personal information.

6. Keep track of billing and payments

If your legal software has billing capabilities, it can help you keep track of which clients owe what amounts, when their payments are due, and when they’ve made a payment. This can help you collect money owed to your firm faster than if you had to check your records by hand or on paper. It can also improve the accuracy of your client billing statements by making the process more automated.

7. Improve efficiency

Making sure everyone in your law firm has access to the same legal software will improve efficiency within the firm by allowing everyone to be on the same page with what projects each employee is working on, as well as helping employees communicate more easily with each other.

8. Automate Your Key Processes

There are several ways to use legal software to automate essential processes like billing, document management, and timekeeping. The most common way is to get a legal practice management platform that includes these tools in one package.

Other options include standalone solutions for billing, document management, or timekeeping — along with other separate solutions for tasks like managing your website and client intake.

Regardless of the kind of software you use, automation can save you money by reducing the time you need to spend on administrative tasks. Your administrative staff will have more time for more value-added work, like providing better customer service or doing more marketing (which in turn should bring in more clients and revenue).

Time saved by attorneys can go toward higher-value work as well, such as serving clients more effectively or participating in business development activities.

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