8 Reasons to Switch from Android to iPhone

If you are searching for a new phone, you will need to choose between two operating systems: Android and iPhone. While Android is the most commonly used, there is no denying that the iPhone is superior. There are a lot of things that the iPhone does better and it delivers a better experience as compared to Android.

Its only limitation is the prohibitive price. However, apart from that, there are several reasons why Apple is better than an Android phone. Here are the top reasons why you should switch from Android to iPhone.

Switch from Android to iPhone

1. Apps that work better

We are not saying that Android apps don’t work well. But many developers of top notch apps start by launching them on Apple first. You will also realize that most of them work better on the iPhone. For instance, if you consider the garage door opener app on Android you can only get a visual picture on your screen after the door has opened or closed.

But with the iPhone, you will receive both a visual signal and a sound too. The garage door opener application can be helpful for security reasons.

The same can be said about other applications like Google News App which works better on the iPhone. Another one that works well is Apple News which curates and brings you tailor-made news items. But others work well on both operating systems such as Truecaller and those that are offered by assignment experts.

2. Security of your information

Plenty of companies that offer information security agree that Apple devices are usually safer as compared to Android devices. In a report that was published in Forbes, it was noted that 97% of malware affects Android gadgets. Many of these viruses and malware are from the App Store. As compared to Android phones, the Apple app store contains fewer apps. Apple is careful with the app developers it allows to access its eco-system. This is why it is practically impossible to get apps with malware in the App Store.

This is unlike Google Play which is a free environment supported by ads and anyone is allowed to display their apps. It is even possible for users to install apps from other platforms other than the Google Play store. The Google Play store can’t monitor apps that have viruses and malware.

3. Battery life

This is another reason why people including students choose iPhone over the Android. In most cases, the battery of an Android phone will go down after a few hours. You can imagine a situation where you are searching for assignment experts from Edubirdie and your phone goes off. It will be hard for you to compare different assignment writing experts, and you may end up getting the wrong services.

One thing you will love about the iPhone is that it lasts about twice as long as the Android batteries. This is quite important especially when you are going on a trip.

iPhone Battery life

4. The Apple ecosystem

In the recent past, we have seen a wide range of products that have been introduced into the Apple ecosystem. Originally, the company began by making computers but today, it has introduced smart watches, tablet computers, and music players to its range of products. All these gadgets work together effortlessly and seamlessly.

There is no need to install different apps to link them together. You can share emails, photos, calendars, and notes on all devices. You will also not need to pay twice for movies, books, or apps. You can find all these on your devices.

5. The Ease of use

Should I switch to an iPhone? This is a question in the minds of many people. One thing that should enable you to make the decision is the ease of use of Apple Phones. This is mostly because it is possible to launch all Apps from the home screen. You can also find different settings under one menu. Even after upgrading to a new iPhone, the operating system will work similarly. On the other hand, it is more complicated to modify and customize the operating system of the IOS. If you are searching for a smartphone that is easy to use, the iPhone is the obvious choice.

6. Apple pay

With Apple Pay, you can easily make credit & debit card payments using a phone. Whether you are a mom buying products at the store or a student paying an assignment expert, this service can prove to be helpful. This payment option works similarly to a contactless payment that uses a plastic card. All you need to do is to place the phone next to the card reader.  It is quite safe as the card is protected using Face ID, Touch ID, and the phone passcode.

Apple pay With Apple Pay, you can easily make credit & debit card payments using a phone

7. Family Sharing

The Apple iPhone is a smart choice for students, particularly where the entire family is using Apple gadgets. An iPhone enables the safe use of a phone because a parent can keep track of what the child is doing with the phone. With Apple’s Family Sharing life is easier. This is because up to 6 family members can share film, music and apps, photo albums, reminders, and calendars. There isn’t a risk of children downloading paid or wrong apps.

This is because the Family sharing feature enables parental approval for the children’s apps. Parents can ensure that their college children are doing the right thing by seeking an essay writing expert rather than accessing adult sites.

8. iPhones hold value

Are you still wondering whether to go with Android or Apple? When new smartphones are models that are released into the market, people want to upgrade to newer versions. One more reason to choose an iPhone is that it holds value for a longer period as compared to an Android phone. The reason is that iPhones are made of high-quality materials that help them to hold their value for a long time.

With the above reasons, you can see why the iPhone is better than the Android.

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