8 Tips to Make Your Car Look Young Again

If your can is not the latest and greatest anymore that doesn’t mean that you need to go out and buy a new one. But if you care about it and want to make it look new again, why not try these 8 tips that can make your car look young again.

Give it a Good Clean

Sometimes the simplest solutions do the best job. By removing all the garbage out of it and off of it will not only make the interior look nicer but it will start to shine on the outside like it used to back in the day. One of the most important things, when you are taking your car to get cleaned, is choosing a trusted place such as Carconex. That is important because if you don’t choose to go to a professional place the pressure washer can chip paint and cause scratches.

Give it a Good Clean

Paint Your Wheels

In most cases, wheels are a dead giveaway of how old the car is really. Usually, factory alloys get changed on every new model, but the flagship models often have a colored alloy option you can go for. But if you can afford that and you are looking for a more budget-friendly option you can simply paint them.

Clean It Under the Hood

One of the best ways to make your car feel new again is to clean it under the hood. By replacing things like the stock air intake with a new cold air intake, you will reduce the amount of fuel it uses as well as making it less noisy when you drive it. If that is too much work for you, cleaning it with a sponge just for cosmetic reasons will do the trick. Just make sure you don’t pour water on everything and make your components get rusty and electrocute yourself.

Replace Faded or Damaged Trim

If you can tell that the trim surfaces are starting to fade or they are damaged and you can take them off, it is time to replace them. If you have leather or wood trim it will be a bit harder than it would if you had plastic ones. If your car isn’t that old, you can simply go to the service center of your car’s manufacturer and get a genuine manufacturer part. But if you have an older car your best luck will be going to the wrecker’s yard to find the part you need.

Replace Your Floor Mats

One of the things that get ruined in a car the fastest are the floor mats. If you still have your original mats in the car consider getting brand new ones. Rather than choosing carpet one’s think about finding weather-appropriate rubber floor mats. They will keep your car much cleaner and it will look much better.


Replace Some of The Factory Features

If you have an older car, you most likely don’t have things like an AUX or USB input like new cars do. One of the best ways to make your car look young is to replace this factory feature with a new one. Another thing you can do is add cruise control as an aftermarket option and make your car not only feel fresh but it will make it better.

Changing Up the Look of It

If you have an off-roading vehicle or a performance model, decals are a great way to enhance the profile of your car. Another great thing you can do is get tinted windows. They will not only be a visible modification to the car but they will also provide you with some great benefits. Those benefits are reduced glares and your cabin not getting as hot. Before you go out and do it, you have to make sure that tinted windows are allowed where you live and always get them done at a reliable service center. If you are looking into adding accessories and you have a larger car or a four-wheel-drive, first think about what you use your car for. There is no point in adding a bull bar to your car if you are only driving through the city, it will be more of a hazard rather than pimping up your ride.

Get New Air Filters

One of the simplest ways that are also really budget-friendly is putting in new air filters. You will not only make your car have better air quality but it will also prevent things like dust and other allergens from building up. It will not necessarily make it look younger but it will definitely make it feel newer.

In the end, the most important thing is that your car isn’t a hazard to others around you. And if you make your older car look and feel nice, you won’t be as tempted to buy a new one, therefore you are saving some money on that.


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