9 Awesome Shaving Tips for Women

Did you know us gals are thought to spend a whopping 72 days of our lives shaving our legs? Not to mention our underarms and other places

Did you know us gals are thought to spend a whopping 72 days of our lives shaving our legs? Not to mention our underarms and other places. And, with all that shaving comes irritation, rashes, and bumps.

If you’re struggling with your shaving routine and the after-effects of silky smooth skin, you’ll want to stay tuned for our shaving tips for women.


  1. The Right Razor

If you’re buying dollar store razors, you’ll get a dollar store shave. That’s not to say you need a razor blade with a diamond-encrusted handle, but if you go cheap it’s likely your razor will have fewer blades or comfort strips which help get a better shave.

So look for something with 3 or 5 blades, and a moisturizing strip which will get close to your skin cut all the hairs with fewer passes, and keep you moisturized too.


  1. Change That Blade!

It doesn’t matter how good your razor is, if you’re not changing the blade or ditching the disposable often enough, you’ll be creating problems for your skin.

Disposable razors are just that, disposable. They aren’t designed to be used more than a few times before throwing away, so they may seem like the cheaper option but if you shave frequently it’s super wasteful.

Changeable blades need changing less often but yous till need to change them. Look out for rust or imperfections and a reduced or damaged moisturizing strip.


  1. Shaving Gel

A good shaving gel can make all the difference, and there is more than just gel out there. Some people swear by different creams or shaving oils. Look for something infused with different ingredients to help with your skin type.


  1. Keep It Clean

Wash when you get in the shower and before you shave. This removes impurities and dirt that can clog or damage your razor blade and makes for a better shave.


  1. Exfoliate!

Washing and exfoliating both soften your hairs too. Creating less friction when the razor passes and thus, less irritation to the skin. It will also get rid of stubborn dead skin cells which, you guessed it, can clog up your razor blades.


  1. One Direction

No, not the band, the direction you shave in! Always try to shave against the direction of hair growth. And try not to shave in more than one direction or over the same space more than one time.


  1. Moisturize

One of our top shaving tips for girls is to moisturize when you’re done. Washing alone can dry out the skin and shaving does the same.


  1. Bend Your Knees

Our knobbly knees can be a nightmare to get hair-free. Try bending them for a closer shave.


  1. Less Is More

This might sound crazy, but try not shaving, at least not quite so often. Shaving promotes growth, so the more you do it, the more you need to. If you suffer from irritation, this is the best thing you can do. Give your skin a break!


Shave Well With These Shaving Tips for Women

With these great shaving tips for women, you’re bound to get a better result. Remember, be clean, exfoliated, and change your blades regularly. Don’t be afraid to try out different products to get smooth skin either.

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