9 Body Regions You Should Protect From the Sun

According to statistics, the most common cancer among Americans is basal cell carcinoma. This type of cancer is mainly caused by skin damage caused by UV light. That’s why during sunny days we spend on the beach, it’s especially important to protect the body from harmful UV rays.

Proper sunscreen usage is essential not only for your face. Other places need protection against sunlight. Some of them may surprise you. To make sure you are ready for the summer and can avoid skin damage, read this article and check if you’re protecting your body properly.

1. Neck

You probably know that the neck skin is one of the first skin areas that shows signs of aging, therefore protecting your neck and decolletage against UV rays is as essential as including it in your daily skincare routine. When you apply your SPF in the morning to your face, don’t forget to apply it to your neck and decolletage too.

2. Hands

Many people protect their faces with an SPF cream, but they often neglect hand protection. Sunspots on your hands are an area where you can see some of the first signs of aging. During hand washing, you are removing any product or protection, so it’s necessary to apply sunscreen on the palms and back of the hands.

3. Ears

The ears are an area we often miss. The ear skin is a common skin area where basal cell carcinoma is found. Don’t forget to apply your SPF cream to your outer earlobes and wear a hat if you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors.

4. Lips

Lips are a common region that people forget to protect from the sun. They get skipped when it comes to UV protection. Look for a lip balm that has SPF. Also, don’t forget to reapply lip balm after eating or drinking. Maintaining proper lip hydration will help you protect your lips from sun damage.

5. Toes and Feet

Toes and feet are also common skin areas where skin cancer is found. We usually wear sandals during the summer season, and we think they are covered and protected but it’s not true. Your feet and toes also need protection, so don’t forget to apply sunscreen to the top and bottom of your feet and your toes.

6. Scalp

The scalp is the most vulnerable area that can be easily damaged by sunlight. People often forget about this area and ignore the idea of putting on a hat. Of course, applying a thick cream or sticky spray through the hair is not an attractive option. Therefore, if you don’t want to apply a cream on your hair, you can try products like spray or mist sunscreens or scalp powder. They are an effective option in preventing sun damage.

7. Knees

We often miss protecting our knees as well. The knee skin is a region that is too prone to get burned when you are spending a lot of time outside or at the beach. Don’t forget to apply SPF regularly, especially if you are going to swim. Another option is to wear a long skirt or coverup.

8. Eyelids

Yes, you need to protect your eyelids. Although it’s known that most sunscreens can be irritating to the eyes, you need to remember to wear sunglasses and a hat. You can also choose an eye cream with SPF, but make sure that the cream content is safe to use near the eye area without risking irritation.

9. Buttocks

During the summer, we often cover most of our body areas but we often forget to protect the skin around our buttocks. Make sure to apply sunscreen before you go to the beach. Apply sunscreen on your butt, even on the part where your swimsuit will cover (but avoid your lady parts!), and across your breasts.

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