9 Fun and Fascinating Facts About Solar Energy That Might Surprise You

Renewable energy sources are at an all-time high in the United States, providing more than 20% of the nation’s energy. The latest stats? Solar now represents almost 53% of renewable electricity capacity in new installations.

Solar energy is fascinating and offers hope for the future of energy in the United States and the world. Are you interested in solar energy?

Take a look at these nine fun facts about solar energy!

  1. The Most Abundant Source of Energy

There’s no need to fear the energy of the sun running out! There’s an abundance of energy contained in the sun. It’s not going to run out anytime soon.

  1. The Space Industry Uses Solar Energy Aboard Spacecraft

NASA was an early adopter of solar energy, using solar cells aboard the Vanguard 1 satellite in the 1950s. The solar cells powered a beacon transmitter that relayed tracking and engineering data back to NASA.

  1. The First Solar Cell

As early as 1839, Alexandre Becquerel created an electrical current through the sun’s rays.

Bell Labs developed the first commercial solar cell in 1954. It was a milestone of engineering, and the story made the first page of the New York Times in April of that same year.

  1. How Much Is an Hour of Sunlight?

The sun is so powerful that an entire year’s worth of energy for the world is available in one hour of sunlight.

It’s complicated to store and use the energy, but it’s fascinating to think about powering the whole world with an hour of sunshine!

  1. California Is a Big Player

In the United States, California leads the way when it comes to solar energy installations. About 14% of California’s energy portfolio comes from solar thermal power plants and solar PV.

California is a big player, but…

  1. The Biggest Solar Energy User

Solar is growing in the United States, but China leads the way when it comes to solar power. In 2020, China’s solar capacity was over 48 GW!

  1. You Don’t Always Need Sunlight for Solar Energy

It’s counterintuitive, but solar panels don’t always need direct sunlight for power production. The panels capture various rays from the light spectrum. Even on a cloudy day, solar panels still capture and produce power from the sun.

  1. Reduce Emissions by 100 Tons in 30 Years

When a single home goes solar, it’s world-changing. What happens when you change your home over to solar? In 30 years, you’d reduce CO2 emissions in the atmosphere by 100 tons!

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  1. Solar Deploys Quickly

Deploying a small solar power plant takes weeks, not years. No other energy source deploys as fast. This is one of the many benefits of solar energy.

Facts About Solar Energy

These are a few of the great facts about solar energy. The sun is an amazing source of energy that’s renewable and abundant.

Solar is also inexpensive compared to other energy sources and easy to deploy. The future of energy lies in solar!

Are you as interested in discovering new and interesting facts as we are? Keep reading the blog for more!

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