9 Funny Movies To Watch When You’re High

Watching movies while high is hardly new, but choosing the right movie can be difficult, especially when your decision-making ability is not at its best. Picking something too deep or too disturbing can be a buzzkill, so comedies are always a safe bet.

Here’s a selection of films sure to keep you laughing.

Stupid Comedies

Dumb comedy is universally funny. It doesn’t rely on intellectual references or clever wordplay. Let’s face it, when you’re stoned, the last thing you want to do is think too hard. Getting high is all about relaxing. For those of you who aren’t into getting high, you can always join the fun with a high-quality CBD oil. It won’t get you altered, but the relaxation benefits are real.

“Airplane” is a cult favorite from the 80s. The fact that it is so dated now just adds to the humor. This movie is full of in-your-face stupid comedy that is funny regardless, but if you’re stoned it’s downright hilarious. It was created as a spoof of the slew of disaster movies that saturated the big screen in the 1970s. It features performances and cameos from some of the biggest stars of the 50s and 60s such as Leslie Nielson, Peter Graves, and Lloyd Bridges.

Seeing these old-school actors in a slapstick spoof is amazing, but nothing is more hilarious than Barbara Billingsley – best known for playing the mother in “Leave It to Beaver” – offering herself as a translator for two black passengers because “I speak jive”!

Two more options in this category would be “American Pie” and “South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut” both of which are pretty crude but undeniably side-splitting.

Romantic Comedies

No one wants to watch “Sophie’s Choice” when you’re high, but a romantic comedy can be a perfect choice. They’ll keep you laughing while tapping into your predisposition to feel warm and fuzzy.

This one’s a no-brainer. “Princess Bride” became a cult phenomenon the minute it was released to the big screen. It is on literally everybody’s list of favorites. Wesley and Buttercup awkwardly roll down the hill, Fezzig the giant making terrible rhymes, the priest with the speech impediment, all of it is not to be missed. Anytime is a good time to watch this film, but when you’re altered it gets just that much better.

Under this category, you also can’t go wrong with “Something About Mary” or “50 First Dates”. These movies are seriously funny, but the romance feels are legit.

Accidental Comedies

It would be a mistake to ignore this category of film. These are movies that were not intended to be funny but, through the transformational process of really bad acting, atrocious writing, and low budgets, have become comedy gold. The sheer joy of a spectacularly bad movie is always a gift, especially if you have been partaking.

The top choice here is a little-known amateur film that can only be found on YouTube called “Robin Hood: Prince of Sherwood”. Not to be confused with Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood movie, which is not quite bad enough to be listed here. This 1994 gem has it all. The costumes are completely anachronistic, spanning periods from medieval to Roman, to the Wild West for no discernable reason.

The low budget produces such delights as fabric castle walls that waft in the wind when actors pass by, extras using child-sized plastic toys for swords and shields, and miniature sets that normal-sized humans dwarf. The piece de resistance is the actors’ committed and overly earnest interpretation of a truly awful script. If you haven’t seen this yet, it may be the perfect activity for a lit night with friends.

A couple of close contenders in this category would be “The Room” and the ever-iconic “Show Girls”, both movies that epitomize the saying “It’s so bad it’s good”.

An evening spent getting high should only include activities that enhance the experience. These movie choices are sure to take a good time and make it even better.

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