9 Luxury Sports Cars to Watch in 2019

Is getting the luxury sports car of your dreams a resolution for 2019? There are plenty to choose from and the days are gone when you had to choose between sporty and luxurious. These days you can get both, meaning you get comfort, top of the line amenities, and speed all in one package. Take a look at the best options for 2019:


  1. Audi A7. The 2019 Audi A7 comes in a sleek hatchback style with a 3.0 L V6 engine. Starting just under $70,000, it’s surprisingly affordable for this level of Audi luxury. It also features almost 19 cubic feet of cargo space and a curb weight of 4,000 pounds. This is no little coupe, and you’ll have all eyes on you while you’re zipping along the highway.
  2. Porsche 911. The 2019 Porsche 911 tops the charts, just like last year, thanks to the horsepower that ranges from 370 to 580 hp. Plus, you can get mileage up to 22 cities and 30 highway, making it one of the most impressive sports-luxury blends on the market. The starting price is $91,000, so it’s an investment piece. However, with a 4.0 L 6-cylinder engine option and 3,142 pounds curb weight, it delivers absolutely everything you could want.
  3. Chevy Corvette. The Corvette has been the ultimate ride for decades, and 2019 is no exception. Available in both a coupe and convertible model, it gets up to 755 horsepower making it one of the most powerful options on the list. It also features a 6.2 L V8 engine and a curb weight as low as 3,298 pounds. However, it does feature a mileage of just 16 cities and 25 highway, making it lean a little more towards sports than a luxury. Still, the Corvette screams luxury and comes with a rich variety of interior options to upgrade your ride. It starts at just $55,495.
  4. Mercedes Benz S-Class. The ultimate in sports and luxury has been upgraded in 2019. It comes with an impressive 362 to 621 horsepower range and is available as a coupe, sedan, or convertible. With a starting price of $91,250, you’ll get plenty of luxury options with this gorgeous ride. As a bonus, it comes with 19 cities and 28 highway mileage, making it a perfectly feasible option as a daily driver.
  5. Jaguar F Type. Available in a coupe or convertible and with a surprisingly low starting price of just $60,750, this ride offers between 296 and 575 horsepower. You can get up to 23 city and 30 highway miles with a 2.0 L 4-cylinder engine and a V6 or V8 option. The curb weight is under 4,000 pounds no matter what option you pick, so you can enjoy a fast and cozy ride in what’s been dubbed a moving “gentlemen’s lounge.” Of course, women drivers are equally in love with this vehicle.
  6. Lexus LC. When you can get up to 35 highway miles in such a chic ride, it’s impossible to resist. The 2019 model starts at $92,200 and comes in a V6 or V8 engine option. Horsepower ranges from 354 to 471, and the curb weight is 4,280 to 4,435 pounds. This is a solid and impressive vehicle that will make a bold statement. It’s the perfect size for a luxury getaway or a daily commuter.
  7. BMW i8. When you opt for this battery-only option, you can go green while still keeping your sport and luxury status. The horsepower is an impressive 396 and it can seat two or four—available as a coupe or convertible. Keep in mind that this model’s battery-only range is 18 miles, making it ideal for special occasions. With a starting price of $147,500, this takes going green to an entirely new level.
  8. Alfa Romeo 4C Spider. For many, the Alfa Romeo was a childhood dream car, but with a starting price of $66,900, it’s now within reach. It comes with 237 horsepower and a curb weight of just 2,487 pounds, making it seem like it should be in solid sporty categories. However, the luxury interior amenities including heated seats and all-leather touches make you look twice. It can garner up to 24 city and 34 highway miles with its 1.7 L 4-cylinder engine.
  9. Aston Martin Vantage. With 503 horsepower and a 4.0 L V8 engine, it’s the ultimate in sports meets luxury. With a starting price of $149,995, it’s worth every penny. The Vantage even offers a surprisingly roomy cargo space of 3.7 cubic feet.


You really can have it all, especially with these 2019 models in the lineup. Start prioritizing them on your letter to Santa now and zip into the new year in style.

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