9 Professional Barista-Backed Tips For Making Great French Press Coffee

Coffee brewed from a French Press machine is one of the simplest to make that both professional and rookie coffee baristas can accomplish. The French Press also produces some of the best-tasting coffees that any coffee would love to consume.

However, there are proper methods that come with preparing a French Press cup-of-joe, and this is the post to get learn the secrets, all from the sage tips shared by the most respectable baristas of human history. So here’s the ultimate guide for getting unmatched French Press coffee:


1.  Buy A Grinder From AReputed Brand

“Getting a good grinder reduces the chances of having too many ‘fines’ that find their way through the filter and cause your coffee to be over-extracted,” says JillKillen, Royal Drummer Cafe, Seattle, WA. You can visit coffeedorks blog to find the best coffee makers.e makers.

WillBenitez, Katz Coffee, Houston, TX says, “You have to develop a clear understanding of the grind size and how it would affect the overall extraction.” fact the overall extraction.”


2.  Measure Coffee And Water Using A Scale

“Go out and buy a scale as consistency is key,” says Alex Evans, M5 Espresso, Cincinnati, OH.

“Don’t assume the quality with your eyes. Go out and buy a scale and then dial in the recipe to your own taste preference.” says the director of Coffee, HigherGrounds Trading Co., Traverse City, MI.

French Press Coffee


3.  Use Quality Water

Hubbard & Cravens Coffee and Tea, Indianapolis, IN, says that the keys to brewing quality coffee are water quality and water-to-coffee ratio.

Alex Evans,m5 Espresso Labs, Cincinnati, OH, recommends that we use Soma carafes and pitchers. These are usually small enough to fit in a fridge, more affordable, and eco-friendlier than other filtration options. And they often get it right in brewing coffee, even when your tap water’s out of order.


4.  Use Medium Coarse ToCourse Grind

AJ Willett, Ferris Coffee, Grand Rapids, MI, advises java enthusiasts not to grind their coffee too fine. It is usually a common mistake when making a French Press. If that happens, it will likely create a more “muddy” cup because fines can pass through and clog your screen filter easier.


5.  Use Just Enough Coffee

Rudimentary writes that when people have a disproportionate amount of coffee, it results in poorly-made coffee. What they should do is add enough coffee so that when coffee users put the press down, it stops at the coffee.


6.  Warm The Pot Before Brewing

“Ensure to warm up your French Press pot as well as your coffee cups using boiled water to make and serve your coffee,” says Six Coffee, Palm Springs, CA.


7.  Use Hot, Not Boiling Water

“No matter what brew technique you use, water temperature is key to making a good cup. Be careful not to pour boiling water over the grounds. Use a thermometer to ensure that the water hits the 195-205F range,” says Suzanne Shriner, Lions Gate KonaCoffee, Hawaii.


8.  Pour Small Amount Of Water Over The Grounds At The Beginning To Let The Coffee “Bloom”

WillBenitez, Katz Coffee, Houston, TX, advises to pre-heat (bloom) the coffee with a small amount of water to initiate the brewing process.

JonoMoehlig, Atlanta, GA, also says to let the coffee bloom without filling up the press entirely in the beginning. It has to bloom for at least 30 seconds.

Greg Hill, Cafe Luna, New Orleans, LA says that he uses 20% of water for the bloom, then swirl and steep. After 3 minutes, add the rest of the water and then press right away.


9.  Let The Coffee Sit Without Stirring

GradyBuhler, JJ Bean Coffee Roasters, Vancouver, Canada advises not to stir the coffee before time is up. That’s because if you do that, the grinds will fall out of suspension, and the extraction will slow down considerably.

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