9 Questions You Must Ask Before Buying a Diamond Eternity Ring

Diamond eternity rings are among the most versatile and stunning jewelry pieces you will ever find. Having been around since eons, the origins of this ring type can be traced to ancient Egypt. Today, the market is replete with a vast variety of diamond eternity rings and while this is great, it can make the selection process that much more difficult for you.

Hence, it is important to pose some pertinent questions when you decide to hunt for the right diamond eternity ring.


1. What is a diamond eternity ring and what does it symbolize?

A diamond eternity ring, as the name suggests, is a solid metal band typically encircled with twinkling diamonds. The fact that this type of ring features an unbroken line of diamonds that circle the entire ring is an ode to endless love. Often gifted to your loved one, a diamond eternity ring symbolizes eternal love. They are also referred to as infinity rings or eternity bands.


2. What are the types of eternity rings?

There are three primary types of diamond eternity rings:

  • The full eternity ring, where the entire ring features an unbroken line of diamonds
  • The half eternity ring, where the palm side of the band doesn’t have any diamonds
  • The 3/4th eternity ring, where three-fourths of the ring feature diamonds

While all three types are immensely popular, they have their own set of benefits and a few disadvantages, too. For instance, if the full diamond eternity ring is worn on a daily basis, it may lead to the diamonds on the palm side becoming loose. Regular usage may also lead to the unintentional scratching of surfaces. For some people, it is about feel and comfort. While some find full eternity rings to be comfortable, others might find the ring’s outer surface to be coarse. The option of choosing a type is entirely up to you, but it is best to try all three types on and gauging which one feels most comfortable from a practical usage point of view.


3. What are the choices of metal for diamond eternity rings?

The most popular metal types include gold, silver, and platinum. The base metal plays its role in determining the price of the ring. At times, white gold and rose gold rings may need frequent polishing to maintain the color and shine. Rose gold lends a really unique touch to the ring’s look, while platinum has gained a lot of popularity among the younger generation of late.


4. How do you gauge the quality of diamonds?

You should assess the quality of the diamonds on an eternity band based on the following parameters that we call the 4 Cs:

  • Carat
  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Cut


5. Which finger should the diamond eternity ring be worn on?

How and where you wish to wear the diamond eternity ring is totally up to you. Tradition dictates that an eternity diamond ring is to be worn on the ring finger of the left hand (the same one that you wear your engagement or wedding ring on). However, there is no right or wrong answer to this question. While the ring definitely looks great on your ring finger, it might not be such a bad idea to experiment a bit and wear it on another finger.


6. Standalone usage or in combination with other rings?

Again, there is no correct answer to this. If you already have one or more beloved rings that you don’t wish to take off, you can wear the diamond eternity ring in combination with them. Some people like stacking them up on their ring fingers, while others like to wear rings on different fingers (or even hands). However, you must ensure that if you intend to wear it along with other rings, your diamond eternity ring design complements the existing ones that you have. You can even opt for wedding ring sets of two or three bands to ensure a consistent look.


7. How can I ensure the right ring size?

One important thing to remember is that resizing a diamond eternity ring is a complex and time-consuming process. So, it is best to be 100% sure of the ring size when you place your order. To find the right size, you can either measure the inside diameter of an existing ring and find it on the ring sizing chart or consult a Dazzling Rock expert by calling 213-622-3264.


8. What is the right occasion to buy a diamond eternity ring?

Any occasion is a good occasion to gift someone a diamond eternity ring! On a serious note, diamond eternity rings are the perfect gift for wedding anniversaries. However, the raging popularity of these rings means that occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, the birth of a child, retirement, or the celebration of an exciting milestone have also become great excuses to buy them. There are no rules that govern the use of diamond eternity rings, so feel free to go all out when the thought of buying them strikes!


9. Where should I buy a diamond eternity ring from?

Reliability, quality, and support are the three most important factors to look for in a diamond jewelry retailer. Dazzling Rock is among the most trusted online retailers of a wide array of classic, contemporary, and experimental diamond eternity rings and bands. With a convenient 30-day return policy, 0% financing options, and an unrelenting focus on quality and innovation, Dazzling Rock offers a selection of spectacular diamond eternity rings and affordable wedding ring sets.

Got more questions about diamond eternity rings? Get in touch with us now!

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