9 Steps to Write a Proposal for Team-Building Training

Every successful project starts with building a strong, collaborative team. Whatever niche you operate in, you should ensure that your team players feel comfortable working together and are ready to put effort into achieving a common goal.

If there are some team issues, you should organize team-building training to get your project back on track.

In this article, you will find a short guide on how to write a proposal for team-building training and get the most out of the corporate event.

Determine the need for team-building

We all know that team-building training is a good thing. But it doesn’t mean that you should get into team-building activities just because other companies do it.

Ask yourself a question, “Is there a need for team-building activities in my organization?”. If there is such a need, start writing a proposal. If there is no such need, don’t waste your time and money on it.

Here are a few examples of needs for starting team-building training:

  • Need to boost employee engagement
  • Need to inspire friendly competition
  • Need to have fun in a non-work environment to boost team morale
  • Need to break down silos between different teams or departments
  • Need to improve collaboration and problem-solving
  • Need to connect with remote employees
  • Need to reward hard-working employees who complete a big project

Define objectives

Once you determine the need for team-building training, you can write proper objectives. For instance, if you discover a need “to improve communication between the marketing and sales department,” you can write such objectives:

“Marketers and sales associates will work in pairs to learn more about key issues that exist in both departments. They will understand the importance of effective cross-department collaboration and learn new ways to communicate their ideas to representatives of other teams.”

Decide on resources

Can your company boast of a fully staffed or multi-functional HR department? If your answer is “yes,” then the chances are you have the internal resources for team-building training. Discuss your ideas with the head of the HR department and offer him/her to write a proposal together. If there is no team-building expert in your team, delegate this task to the corporate events organizer.

Come up with a relevant title

Your team-building training must have a relevant title. The title itself should sound engaging, and encouraging, and should excite participants.

The chosen title can work as a hashtag on social media. For instance, if you run a team-building event called “Stronger Together: XYZ Company,” you can offer participants to use of the hashtag #StrongerTogetherXYZcompany.

You may be wondering what the point of using hashtags is. With the help of a unique hashtag, you can collect photos and videos taken by participants as well as generate buzz for an event.

List key activities and required learning tools

What will your employees do during the training? What team-building activities will they be taking part in? What games will they play? Answer these questions to clarify what your team-building training will be all about.

If you expect team members to use specific educational resources, online tools, or devices, you should also mention that in your proposal. It will help you to enhance the preparation process and achieve better results.

Specify the number of participants

Now you need to specify how many people will participate in the training. If your training is open to everyone, you should define the maximum number of participants the venue can hold and create a signup form.

Are you planning a mandatory event? List the names of people who must attend the training. In case if you organize a cross-department event, specify how many people from each department should be present at the training.

Also, don’t forget to mention whether there are employees with disabilities and remote employees among invited attendees. It will allow you to organize the event the right way and ensure that everything will go smoothly.

Choose the date and time

The timing of team-building training is important. So please, try to choose a date and time that will work for your group. Don’t schedule an event the day before Thanksgiving, the day after New Year’s, the day before the project deadline, or any other day that common sense tells you to avoid.

Also, choose the right duration of the event. Training shouldn’t last for too long to be effective. Be realistic and set a duration that will allow you to keep your employees engaged.

Proofread your proposal

The proposal for team-building training is a corporate document. So it must be grammatically correct and have a clear structure. You can proofread your proposal by yourself or get assistance from an academic writing service. Once you check the text for mistakes and typos, the document will be ready for submission.

Estimate the cost

How much will it cost you to organize the planned team-building training? Will the returns be worth the investment? You should list all the expenses associated with the event and calculate whether your organization can afford it. You should justify the costs and convince everyone that planned team-building training will benefit your company.

Wrapping up

Proposal writing will help you express your expectations regarding the upcoming team-building training more clearly. It will allow you to boost your efforts and ensure that your team members will benefit from attending the event.

It’s time to jump into writing! Craft a comprehensive proposal today and take your team’s performance to the next level.

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