9 Ways Technology Is Making The World A Better Place

In these troubled times, it’s easy to look at all the technological advancements that have been made during the past two decades and feel that we are fighting a losing battle with entities endlessly seeking our help. While technology has been blamed for everything, from high rates of obesity to mass murder, things are always far more complicated than they seem. Our fraught relationship with technology has produced many books, documentaries, and opinion pieces, but nearly everyone can agree that we are, in many ways, far luckier than our ancestors.

For us, technology has meant less disease, more knowledge, and a general democratization of resources. Of course, it has its problematic elements, but so much of those depend on how we use technology. 

If you’re wondering just how beneficial technology has been and continues to be, here are 9 ways it’s helping us make the world a better place.

Enhancing Safety

One great thing about technology is that more apps allow women to crowdsource information regarding areas where they experience high rates of sexual harassment. This serves as a helpful warning to other women to avoid these areas while providing invaluable information for law enforcement to pursue should anything occur. Different apps monitor the safety of various vulnerable communities, which is undoubtedly helpful and can also act as a deterrent to criminals.

Focus on Smart Energy

Different kinds of technologies are now being discovered and implemented to help us undo the considerable damage major corporations have wrought on the environment. For example, some machines that can convert plastic into much-needed fuel, such as diesel and petrol. Instead of having this waste end up in our oceans, killing wildlife, it can be transformed into a vital source of renewable energy.

Excellent Documentation

Before the invention of phone cameras, people were able to get away with all kinds of shenanigans. Now, all you need to do to protect yourself and create a public record of what is happening to you is to pull out your phone and begin recording.

Unmanned Solutions for Dangerous Jobs

Certain types of work are extremely dangerous and can be performed better without human interference. As the innovative manufacturers can attest, the latest technology provides unmanned solutions for everything, from collecting data to aeronautics training, all of which can prove useful for various military operations. National defense is a risky business, but the increased reliance on different tools has undoubtedly added a measure of safety.

Faster and More Efficient Diagnosis

The benefits of technology are especially prominent in the field of medicine. Due to enhanced technologies, medical professionals are now able to treat patients with genetic diseases faster than ever. Furthermore, the increased availability of medical data allows practitioners to better understand different trends on a societal level, and accurately identify the different factors correlated to disease and health.

More Open Platforms

Social media platforms have some well-documented drawbacks. However, they have provided a megaphone for different, traditionally marginalized groups to express themselves. This open exchange of ideas is beneficial to the entire society, and it helps us advance in many ways.

The democratization of political and cultural thought adds transparency and keeps many governmental and corporate processes in check since people are actively holding their representatives accountable. People are also empowered to speak about issues that directly impact them and their communities.

Social media platforms Apps

Less Deforestation

Another specific way in which our reliance on tablets and digital media has helped our environment is that we are contributing far less to deforestation. All the endless paperwork we would have had to manage in years past is now housed in the digital realm. Emails, online newspapers, e-books, etc. are good for the environment.

Greater Economic Independence

The availability of different resources has made it easier for people of different means to start their businesses. Whether they want to self-publish a novel they wrote and make it available to a mass audience, or start a small handcrafting business and sell their products online, there are numerous, economically viable options today for the savvy entrepreneurs out there.

Staying Connected

Now more than ever, when we cannot see or talk to our friends and family in person, technology has been able to help us remain connected. While our increased screen time takes a toll on the eyes, we can at least be grateful for the fact that we can reach out to people instantly and not feel isolated or alone.

Our reliance on technology has some definite pros and cons – and sometimes, it can feel like the latter overwhelms the former. Nonetheless, we are lucky to have these resources readily available at our fingertips, especially during such difficult times. If used properly, technological advancements can help save our environment, protect us from disease, and give voice to the voiceless. It’s hard not to look at these things from a glass half full perspective.

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