9 Ways to Improve Your Photography Business

How can you get clients to work with you after starting your photography business? If you want to attract new prospects and turn your current client base into repeat customers, try out these 9 ways to improve your photography business.

9 Ways to Improve Your Photography Business

Most photographers dread marketing their photography business. However, that leads to an unfulfilling career due to little publicity and fewer clients. Follow these valuable tips to run a successful venture.

Research Your Target Market

Knowing your market helps you pick the perfect marketing strategy. This is crucial because it’s easier to think about the right marketing strategy, style, and camera to use when you know your target audience.

After finding your market, research your competition, and come up with strategies to beat them. Creating a database is also essential as it will help you monitor potential clients and projects. When your business is down, check the database to see who to send proposals or marketing materials to.

Create a Website

Running a successful business depends on prospects finding you. The best way to help clients locate you is by designing your photography website to showcase your portfolio. With the right web designer and planning, your website will be live on the internet in no time.

However, a great portfolio site should have the following elements:

  • A list of past and present clients (if you have been in the industry for a while)
  • Several samples of your best photos
  • Visible contact information
  • An updated ‘About’ page

Start Blogging

Blogging is another great marketing tool you should explore, especially after creating your portfolio website. Have a photograph blogging section to give your potential clients and other site visitors value.

If you keep updating your website with helpful tutorials and a portfolio with your best photos, you will build a loyal following of returning readers. In turn, this will boost your marketing efforts.

Use Social Media

The demand for portrait and commercial photographers is growing. You can take advantage of this trend by using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to reach new customers and increase your client base. You can also use the sites to market your brand, skills, and your business.

Several photographers have recorded success using social media platforms and you can also achieve the same results. Just keep updating your social media pages regularly with unique and creative shots.

Connect With Potential Prospects

It’s a good idea to carry with you some professional-looking business cards whenever you attend meetings or social gatherings. Give them out when you are asked about your business and what you do. It’s also a quick way to get recommendations.

Based on the people your prospects interact with, they may refer their friends to you. Imagine if you use that chance every year with 200 people, you may get 20 new prospects. The good thing about business cards is that you can customize them to suit your target market.

Network With Other Photographers

This tactic is perfect for beginner photographers with no experience and client base. Be sure to establish relationships with local photographers and those living abroad. Local established photographers like this Dallas lifestyle photographer, can help you build your prospects, especially when their working schedule is tight.

They can also reach out to you and delegate some tasks to you when they are overbooked. Plus, you can gain experience when working with them and learn about the best practices of the photography industry.

Join a Photography Group

Although this may sound old school, you will achieve so much success by being around professional and amateur photographers. Besides, you are unlikely to run out of creative ideas when you spend time with fellow photographers in a supportive environment.

You can also meet other photographers from your locality and discuss shooting ideas and available projects. This can lead to securing projects later on or more clients for additional jobs.

Create Google Business Listing

Creating Google listings is free and will help your customers find you quickly when searching for your services online. However, if you want to appear in the local listings and start getting reviews, fill out your business profile.

You should also upload some pictures because they appear in search results. This can improve your chances of getting a client, especially when people are looking for a photographer on the Internet.

Give Referral Bonuses

Offering clients a discount encourages them to return and keep buying your services or products. Just encourage your clients to refer their friends to your business in exchange for a free photoshoot or some discount.

You can also give a discount on a future photo session. However, the friends they refer should book a wedding session with you or other services you offer.


The above tips will enable you to boost your photography business, increase your customer base, and maximize the visibility of your business. However, diversify your advertising efforts instead of relying on one method to get good results.

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