9 Ways to Reach More Instagram Users

Instagram users are busy people, and getting their attention can be quite profitable. Learn how to reach more users, increase engagement, and get more followers.

Are you wondering how to gain more Instagram users?

Having more followers can give you an edge when it comes to growing your brand. Within three years, Kylie Jenner bloomed a $29 lip kit business into a $900 million fortune company. She gained a lot of traction by directing her social media community to her office.

Getting the attention of Instagram users can be quite profitable. Yet, you must master Instagram marketing and amass a few Instagram page growth tricks.

Learn how to reach more Instagram users, increase engagement, and get more followers.

1. Understand Instagram Users or Demographics

Today, Instagram houses over one billion users and is one of the quickest growing social media platforms. With its vast user base, you may think attracting users is an effortless task.

It’s not.

For successful Instagram promotions, your posts and ads should appeal to your audience. Also, they must resonate with Instagram’s most influential demographics.

2. Design an Instagram Marketing Strategy in Place

Before you embark on Instagram marketing, invest your time in developing a strategy. This way, you’re able to guide your promotions and track your brand’s performance.

For starters, make sure you have an Instagram Business account. This allows you to take advantage of useful features such as Insights, ads, or Instagram shopping. It can also enable you to include contact info or a CTA button.

Also, define your goals. For instance, how many Instagram users do you target for a period? Set a content plan based on your audience.

Your profile should also convey your brand’s personality and impress visitors. Use clear and quality photos for your Instagram profile. To grab the attention of your audience, you can use the best Lightroom Instagram presets for enhancing your photos. For brand identity, craft your bio to highlight what your business stands for.

You can add your logo or mission statement to enhance brand recognition. Also, keep updated links in your bio section.

3. Create Quality Content for Instagram Promotion

Instagram is filled with a variety of content so to appeal to Instagram users, your entire Instagram content must be top class. Photos must be sharp. Your videos should also be of prime quality to enhance immersion.

Your Instagram captions are the best way to talk to your followers and build a brand voice. Use them for attention-grabbing remarks or share your experiences and stories.

To increase their visibility, explore niche-specific hashtags. Hashtags are like Instagram keywords and they can boost your organic reach. You allowed up to 30 but continuously test and switch them out to avoid being “shadowbanned”.

Instagram also provides you with features to keep your users engaged and active. You can explore Instagram stories and incorporate surveys, questionnaires, contests, or giveaways to increase Instagram users.

4. Take Advantage of User Generated Content

As your brand gains popularity, you may see your followers sharing photos or videos praising your brand. For instance, Coke fans may post their pictures holding a Coke or your customers can positively tag your brand on review sites or social media.

Your followers’ experience with your brand is the user-generated content. You’ll come off as more credible by sharing their content. Most people trust UGC because it provides more social proof.

5. Use Different Instagram Pages for Different Audiences

If you have two product lines or operate in separate locations, your messages may not fit into a single Instagram profile. Some brands may create multiple Instagram accounts for their nonidentical promotional campaigns. This helps to create relatable campaigns and target ads.

With multiple Instagram pages, you can create messages based on each audience’s tastes. For instance, Coca-Cola can use its @Cocacola_br page to tailor messages to their Brazilian audience.

Sometimes, you may end a marketing campaign or want to remain with one Instagram profile. In that case, you can permanently delete the Instagram account and get rid of a stale page. You can learn more about doing this.

6. Work With Micro-influencers in Your Industry

Your Instagram marketing efforts may struggle to reach targeted users. It may be because of your brand’s weak image or insufficient relevant content. To boost your marketing, you can collaborate with micro-influencers in your segment.

Micro-Influencers enjoy a bustling and active audience that you can take advantage of. They have a limited and incisive following ranging from 1,000-50,000 fans. And unlike celebrities, most users perceive them as industry experts.

7. Promote Your Best Performing Posts

Your posts might get tons of views, shares, or likes. Sometimes they may even go viral. To profit more from your best posts’ visibility, boost them using Instagram ads. You can also set them as your Instagram stories to give them more attention.

Promoting top posts enables you to attract attention to your brand and grow Instagram users. The posts can also give you a hint of what your audience loves and inform your next campaigns.

8. Create Long Videos to Add Value to Your Instagram Users

Instagram has always been a visual-intensive medium. So, your chances to raise engagement are higher with more captivating visuals, especially videos. According to Instagram, the time users spend watching videos increased by 80% in 2019.

Thanks to Instagram features like IGTV, Instagram Stories, and Instagram Live, you can share videos. IGTV and Instagram Live allow users to create videos lasting 15 seconds to one hour. So you can pre-record stories and post them to your channel to keep your followers ever engaged.

9. Stay Consistent to Keep Your Instagram Users and Attract New Ones

Consistency in Instagram marketing helps you to stay in your users’ minds. The average Instagram user faces and consumes thousands of posts per day. You can quickly lose your spot if you stay without posting or engaging them.

To stay consistent, you need an effective posting plan. Create enough content for Instagram pages and schedule posting times and dates. Set posting goals for each day and stick to them.

It would be best to use free postings tools such as Later, Buffer, or Hootsuite and save time. Remember to set aside engagement time to respond to comments.

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Start to Grow Your Instagram Users

Most people make the mistake of assuming Instagram marketing is easier than it is. It does take effort but can be simple. You’ll need to define your audience, create a strategy, and equip yourself with apt tactics.

For sustainable growth, you must be consistent. We talk more about coming up with successful strategies to grow your Instagram users, as well as tackle other platforms.

Check out the rest of our blog for more social media tips and advice.

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