9 Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Awesome Hair

What do Kelly Osborne, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Poppy Delevingne have in common?  They all swear by coconut oil to make their lives better. ‘It’s a bit surreal as one looks at coconut oil, which was once looked at as an age-old, mundane way of fixing hair problems is now in vogue. Coconut Oil, contrary to what many would think ‘doesn’t actually moisturize. As a matter of fact, no oil does to that extent. However, when used in a strategic manner, coconut hair oil can impart shine and softness in tandem to make you stand out in the crowd.

Coconut hair oil is filled with incessant goodness, which does bring in natural relief from significant kinds of hair and scalp related issues that range from premature greying, hair fall, flaking, itching, and much more. ‘Here’s a look at five such ways how you can make the very best use of coconut oil to your advantage.

A primer before bath

Using coconut hair oil before you hit the shower can help your hair and keep it safe from detangling, which is quite a typical affair with long and curly hairs. Just a glob before you enter your bathroom followed by a smooth rinse off with a mild shampoo and conditioner should take of it nice and comfortable. For people with thin hair, one needs to work slowly by taking coconut oil in small quantities.  Always ensure to rinse off coconut oil thoroughly to gain maximum advantage from the process.

Boosting your conditioner

Coconut hair oil is a great way to boost the amount of hydration that a conditioner has to offer. When using a conditioner after shampoo, add a thin layer of coconut oil which works to trap the conditioner and its ingredients and allows the hydrating agents to penetrate even deeper down the hair shaft. You can leave it anytime between 15 minutes to one hour, which will eventually leave you with smooth and softer hair compared to before.

Coconut conditioner

The leave-in effect

Do you dry hair? Never managed to find a solid fix? Embrace coconut oil for a change. Right after you apply the shampoo and conditioner, top it up with a good moisturizing cream and comb it around. Next, put coconut oil layering it on the top of the cream, and move on to dry your hair normally as you would do. This will work to lock the moisturizer and help you stay hydrated for a more extended period.

dry hair

The art of detangling

They say detangling is an art that helps protect your hair from breakage and facilitates easy brushing. However, the process often demands time at one’s disposal, which can be quite a debatable thing varying from one individual to another. Detangling hair can be a tad difficult and when needed to be done just about every day can eat up a lot of time, if you have very little to spare. After you have taken a bath, consider running coconut oil all over your hair, especially around those parts that get tangled easily. The application of coconut oil offers a slippery feeling around your hair, which in turn helps you run your comb easily.

The art of detangling

A little shiner goes a long way

Looking to work on the instant shine for your hair? Take a few drops of coconut hair oil rub on to your hands and put them evenly all around the bun or ponytail that you choose to wear. In case, the coconut oil in the bottle or can has turned into a solid, put the can in a pan of hot water and sit it out for a couple of minutes, and it will turn back to its liquid form.

A little shiner goes a long way

Swimming without Fear

Typically, saltwater, coupled with chlorine ‘doesn’t get along well with your hair. However, that ‘shouldn’t deter you from missing all the fun at the pool or a dip during your summer break. Next time, when you plan on going for a swim, make sure you apply coconut hair oil all over your scalp and hair evenly. It will act as a protective shield and help keep your hair far from damage. Also, ‘it’s a great alternative to wearing a shower cap which kind of looks a bit odd! Well, now you have a way around.

Oil Hair and Swimming

Say goodbye to Frizzy Hair

Take a small amount of coconut hair oil in your palm and rub it between your fingers to help tame frizzy hair with ease. Try applying along the length of the hair for maximum effect!

Say goodbye to Frizzy Hair

Mending Split Ends

If you wear your hair long, you know how split ends can be a real game spoiler. Having said that, there is seemingly nothing that can fix those split ends, like a charm. However, a small amount of coconut hair oil can help you hide those nasty ends for a significant amount of time. Just rub a little bit of oil onto the splits and let it do its trick in no time.

Hair Split Ends

Natural Treatment for Lice

Lice are always an unwelcome thing for your hair. On top of that, medicated treatments are even worse. As such, coconut hair oil happens to be a great form of natural therapy that, when applied with other oils, can eliminate lice from good and also prevent it from reappearing. In a study conducted for the treatment of lice on children’s hair, coconut hair oil combined with other oils like anise oil reported 92.3 percent success.

Natural Treatment for Lice

So, if you ‘haven’t included coconut oil in your beauty regime, ‘it’s high time to do so. You see, coconut oil is a thing straight out of Mother Nature’s bounties, and when used correctly can give you astounding results. However, care should be taken to ensure you strike a balance between using it strategically and overusing it for no good. People who have an oily scalp should use coconut hair oil in moderation to help prevent itchiness and other such issues from appearing.

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