A Beginner’s Guide to Cigar Smoking

Cigar smoking is very popular for a variety of reasons and can be more appealing than traditional cigarettes if you’re looking to make more of an occasion of it or develop a collection or particular taste. If you’ve wondered about making the switch to cigars, or perhaps beginning with cigars completely, then there are many things you might want to know before you start.

Buying or smoking your first cigar may be intimidating if you’ve never done it before, so here are some top tips you need to know before trying your first cigar.

Find the Right Cigar

There are many different flavors and sizes, which you can experiment with over time, but as you start, it’s important to simply find a flavor you think you might like. You also don’t need to opt for the biggest or best straight away, just find one you feel good about — and you can always ask for advice if you’re buying your first cigar in-store, too.

Find the Right Place

You can’t easily light up your first cigar in your usual social setting around many people, especially if you haven’t done it before and might be feeling uncertain. Finding a comfortable place to begin your cigar experience is a good idea, such as alone at home, or with other cigar smokers.

Understand How to Cut Your Cigar Correctly

In order to enjoy your cigar in the right way, you need to ensure you cut it at the correct place. You’ll need a dependable and sharp cigar cutter to do this, so you can either purchase one or borrow one if you know someone who has one. You should cut the cigar above the cap so that you don’t risk it unraveling.

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Light Your Cigar Slowly

You shouldn’t push the end of your cigar directly onto to flame and wait until it’s fully lit, as this risks burning it too much. Lighting a cigar should be done slowly while rotating the end of the cigar. You should aim to have it evenly lit and have it begin to produce smoke without you inhaling it as you go.

You Actually Need to Blow Out and Not in the First

If you’re used to smoking normal cigarettes, this may be a surprise to you. When your cigar is lit, you should first gently blow into it to release any accumulated smoke instead. This will make your first draw a lot smoother and cleaner.

You May Need the Proper Storage

If you’re aiming to enjoy cigars only occasionally, then you’ll need the right storage equipment to keep your cigars fresh. A humidor is a good idea for keeping cigars long-term. If you’re looking to enjoy this habit even more by collecting or displaying, then you may also want shelves or even a room where you can best keep your cigars.

Use these beginner tips to best understand how to enjoy your first cigar.

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