A Beginner’s Guide To Eyebrow Transplant Surgery

Eyebrows can be thinning, patchy, or missing altogether for any number of reasons, from scarring to alopecia; overplucking to facial injuries or burns. Eyebrow transplant surgery is a straightforward procedure that can bring increased levels of confidence and self-esteem to a patient, as well as restore their eyebrow hair to help protect the eye beneath from sweat and dirt coming down from the forehead and hair.

Hair is taken from elsewhere on the body, or from an external donor and implanted above the eye to create realistic, natural-feeling eyebrows.

How does eyebrow transplant surgery work?

The procedure takes place in several countries around the world, including the UK USA, and Turkey. Eyebrow transplant Turkey clinics can offer a highly professional service with minimal discomfort and impressive cosmetic results. Between 250 and 400 donor hairs are taken from the scalp and implanted into the eyebrow area using a hypodermic needle under a powerful microscope for highly precise accuracy.

It is a delicate procedure requiring expert precision to get the right spread of hair and angle for natural-looking results. The whole operation takes around two or three hours and is carried out under micro-surgical conditions, meaning that the patient can remain comfortable and pain-free during the process.

How long do eyebrow transplants last?

As with any surgical procedure, the recovery tier and the effectiveness of results depend heavily on how well the area is cared for after the operation. So long as careful hygiene and after-care maintenance routines are observed, the transplant will heal properly and results will be noticeable by four to six months as hair growth begins in earnest.

The final results can be expected around ten months afterward and if all goes well, can last a lifetime. As the donated hair tends to come from the scalp, it will continue to grow as normal hair on the head would, so must be trimmed regularly for a while – this may not always be necessary, as it will vary from case to case.

How should I care for my new eyebrows?

Avoid touching your eyebrows during the first 24 hours to lower the risk of infection and keep the grafts firmly in place. If they feel dry, you can use a saline follicle spray but do so carefully.

After the first day, gently wash your face and brows with specialist shampoo and pat them dry – don’t rub at them or you may dislodge the delicate, new grafts.

After three days to a week, you will see the crusts that formed around the grafts start to crumble away and your transplanted hairs will follow suit – this is quite normal. If you see any other symptoms that you are worried about, consult your surgeon for advice or seek emergency medical assistance if appropriate.

Do not go out in the sun for a month wear a hat and stay in the shade if this is absolutely unavoidable.

Eyebrow transplants can offer impressive results in a relatively short space of time; however, you must be assessed medically and passed as a suitable candidate for the surgery to ensure your safety and the efficacy of the procedure. Ask your doctor or a medical expert to refer you to a hair transplant clinic to begin the process.

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